Buger King would like to make you fatter with their new bacon sundae.

Burger King Bacon sundae. How many can you resist tonight?

Tomorrow morning you will be spending an extra 45 minutes on the treadmill burning off tonight’s sweet sins of excess.

Kids have you ever had eggs and bacon? I’m sure you’ve had. But have you tried it yet with ice cream and fudge? Not yet? Then you will soon once you sniff the sweet smell of the good shit wafting off this page and up your nostrils.

Don’t believe me, then let’s read Burger King’s press release and whimper together:

The sweet and savory dessert features the rich and creamy vanilla BK® soft serve, drizzled with chocolate fudge, caramel and topped with bacon crumbles, complete with a thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon garnish.

Who could have thought that a fast food joint could come up with such a haute couture edible? Not me? I would have frankly been happy with  a flapjack with maple syrup and a few blueberries bacon pieces to the side.

And how much will the new bacon sundae (yes you’re drooling through your peens right now) set you back?

The sundae has 510 calories, 18 grams of fat, 61 grams of sugar.

Hmm 61 grams of sugar. Well dear me. That’s a little excessive, but I promise to only eat one a week, or maybe not.

What you might want to know is that this limited time offer comes after the chain rolled out a healthier sweep of its menu which included fruit smoothies, snack wraps and salads. Judging by the introduction of the bacon sundae one can guess Burger King customers weren’t buying it. After all, when in search of yummy gunk, drizzling gobs of gooey gunk that will clog my heart and help ruin my health is the only way to go.

Burger King making sure you get the junk you so nervously deplore but fatalisticly adore. Won’t you have a scoop tonight too?