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Rudy Farias mom flees at midnight as cops blamed for her escape after slave allegations

Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother flees home.
Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother flees home.
Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother flees home.
Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother flees home.

Janie Santana to be arrested? Rudy Farias mom flees at midnight as police are blamed for letting her escape following sex slave allegations at the hands of her son. A web of deceit? 

Where did she flee to? A Houston mom of a man who allegedly vanished in 2015 only to abruptly re appear last week, was last night seen fleeing her home following allegations that she used her son as a sex slave and that her arrest was now imminent. 

Rudy Farias, now 25, was ‘found’ on June 29 in the doorway of a church, eight years after his mother Janie Santana reported him missing in Houston, Texas

Speaking to legal counsel, and apart from his ‘over protective’ mother, the 25 year old alleged his biological mom of holding him hostage and sexually abusing him for years, forcing him to ‘play daddy’ and giving him hallucinogenic drugs to keep him under her control.

‘making him play daddy.’

But there was more to come.

After news of Rudy’s miracle return emerged, neighbors claimed Rudy had never been missing at all, and would often be seen around the neighborhood. 

Police announced that they would hold a press conference today. Santana who’s exact location was no longer known, to date has not been arrested. The woman according to neighbors fled the family home just after midnight after having put items in the trunk. 

The mother’s actions prompting local residents to call 911 KHOU11 reported.

Come Thursday morning, a heavy police presence was noted outside the home.

The family saga took an abrupt turn on Wednesday as Farias and Santana, spoke to detectives at a Houston hotel, with a mediator – local New Black Panther leader and community activist Quanell X.

Quanell told reporters Farias claimed he had been sexually abused and hidden by his mother for the last eight years – saying she made him sleep in the bed with her while she was naked and ‘making him play daddy.’

Santana, who works overnight as a security guard, often took Farias with her to work in the evenings and kept him largely hidden from view in the day, was recorded by neighbors saying she now expected to be arrested.

Santana said on Wednesday, speaking as she got out of her car in front of her home: ‘When he first went missing, he didn’t report it to the police.

‘And they are trying to say that he might have done some crimes. Which he didn’t. And now they want to arrest me. Because they said I was hiding him.’

‘In our hearts we knew the story of Ruday having vanished was not true’

As news of Farias’ shocking claim spread, relatives and neighbors began saying they knew he was not missing – and had seen him frequently throughout the years. 

Farias’ cousin said she told police in 2018 he was at his mother’s house, and his grandmother had seen and spoken to him. The boy’s aunt said she also knew he was not missing.

Neighbors also claimed they’d seen him walking around the neighborhood.

Cassandra Lopez, his cousin, told KPRC 2 they always knew ‘in our hearts’ the story of Farias having vanished was not true.

She said: ‘I was in shock. I was like, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I was glad, but I just was wondering what was going to unfold from it. 

‘Like, what was the story going to be behind it? Because it’s just we always in our hearts knew that he wasn’t really missing.’

Lopez said she called 911 in 2018 after family members saw Farias at his mother’s home, and their grandmother saw him regularly.

Houston police visited the house, but did not find him and it is unclear if they questioned any of the relatives.

Farias’ father, Houston police officer Rudolph Farias III, died by suicide in 2014. He was a 21-year veteran and was facing an internal affairs investigation at the time of his death. 

Lopez said: ‘She would just say, I saw Rudy. You know, he came to check on me and we said hello and we had a little conversation. She never went into detail, but she would say she saw him.’

Lopez said the rest of the family are eager to hear from him.

‘I mean, half of his life is – almost a quarter of his life – has already been taken away,’ said Lopez.

‘Don’t you know that? That’s just not right. He didn’t deserve, nobody deserves that.’

Farias’ aunt Pauline Sanchez Rodriguez – the stepsister of Santana – told KPRC 2 that she believes Santana has been lying for the last eight years.

‘Everything’s coming up to the light,’ she said.

Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother
Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother: a web of deceit?

‘He’s just been freely walking down the street.’

Farias and his mother are thought to have left the Houston hotel on Wednesday afternoon together, with Rodriguez saying she was worried about him. 

She said: ‘I came to this neighborhood to see if I could find her. I fear for Rudy Farias’ life.’ 

Rodriguez added that Farias was reluctant to open up to his family as a young teenager: ‘He was afraid because his mom manipulated him and kept him from spending time with us, talking to us, socializing with his cousins and that’s wrong.’

Rodriguez said she always suspected he had not disappeared: ‘I knew it, my heart, I go with what my heart tells me, you have five senses. I have my sixth sense.’

Neighbors echoed the family’s claims that Farias was not missing for the past eight years. 

They said he was known as Dolph, an abbreviation of his full name Rudolph, and was somewhat withdrawn – but was regularly seen around the neighborhood.

Jeanay Wyble: ‘When he is with us, he doesn’t really say much or who he is. We just know he lives down here with his mom, goes to work with her around 6pm to 7 or 8 in the morning.

‘He’s just been freely walking down the street.’

Another neighbor, Kisha Ross, said Farias told her he didn’t want to spend time at home because ‘his mom got on his nerves’.

She claimed that Santana offered her money to not speak to the media, but she refused, insisting she wanted to tell the truth.

‘He used to come in my garage, chill with my cousin, son, and daughter,’ said Ross, adding that Farias liked to hang out in the woods by himself.

The biggest con game of all? 

Broderick Conley, Ross’s cousin, also said he used to hang out with Farias regularly – ‘laughing‘ and having ‘good times.’

Another aunt, however, said she believed Santana’s story that her son was missing, and even went from Houston to California to try and find him.

‘She had me out there in California thinking that they had found somebody that looked like Rudy in California,’ said Sylvia Lopez. ‘And I went all the way with her.’ 

Quanell said the reason Farias was found last week was because he stole his mother’s car to get away from her, but crashed and ended up bloodied and bruised outside the church last week.

He said Farias had his mother’s two-year-old credit card on him, which proved he could not have been missing for eight years.

After being separated from his mother, Rudy Farias reportedly said he never went missing, and for the past years his mother has been making him sleep in the bed with her while she was naked, and ‘making him play daddy.’ 

When asked about the sexual assault claims, Quanell said he did not want to go into details about the ‘kissing.’

After he was asked again, he replied: ‘Let me ask you a question – if your mother is tongue kissing you in the bed with her naked, what the hell is that? This is sick.’

Quanell claimed Santana kept her son hidden and convinced him he had to hide because police were looking for him to put him in jail. 

The local figure said he asked Farias why he ran away, and Farias told him: ‘I was tired of living like a slave.’

He claimed: ‘Based on what that boy told me, I don’t see why she’s not in handcuffs right now. He was petrified but the minute he was by himself he calmed down. I believe she was drugging the hell out of this kid.

‘He said he didn’t like getting in the bed with her, that he would try to sneak out of the bed but she told him he had to be her husband.’

Janie Santana Rudy Farias mother fears being arrested
Who exactly is Janie Santana, Rudy Farias mother?

Missing son was always in plain sight

Farias allegedly said his mother made him bathe her, and punished him by locking him in a room ‘over and over.’

At the time of Farias’ disappearance, his mother told officials that he suffered from depression and PTSD since his brother died in a motorcycle accident in 2011 – an incident neighbors say he spoke about. 

When Farias was located, Santana claimed he had blood in his hair and had been badly abused and beaten, and shared photos of him in a hospital bed.

‘Rudy is in pretty bad shape, he has cuts, soft tissue tumors, small openings and swelling on the soles of his feet, along with bruising, old and new cuts/scrapes on his body, old dry blood on his head and hair, he has very very dark complexion now almost unrecognizable,’ she wrote on Facebook.‘God only knows what he has endured during his time away from home.’

She added: ‘He flinches if you try to touch him or hug him thinking we are going to strike him. He thinks his name is Julio Torres and he is 14 now.’

As questions emerged about Farias’s whereabouts over the last eight years, his mother prior to her own abrupt disappearance deleted a GoFundMe account she had created for medical costs on behalf of her son. 

Come Thursday morning, Rudy’s immediate whereabouts were not known as wasn’t the 25 year old’s mother.

It remained unclear if a warrant for the woman’s arrest was imminent.