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What to Look for When Buying Gemstone Online?

Buying Gemstone Online
Guide on Buying a Gemstone Online using a high quality seller.
Buying Gemstone Online
Guide on Buying a Gemstone Online using a high quality seller. Image courtesy of GemPundit.

Guide on Buying a Gemstone Online using a legitimate seller with a high quality reputation. What to look for and what you need to ask.

In ancient civilizations, gemstones were embedded by warriors and rulers in their armour, weapons, and bodies to get the protection it offers to its wearers. Over the history, they maintained their value in the modern times and became recognized as a symbol of love, power, and wealth. Being bold and romantic, a gemstone like ruby stone online is quite often used in engagement rings and wedding jewellery as well.

As a stunning variety of mineral corundum, rubies are mesmerizing gemstones with a vivid colour and fiery elegance. For centuries, they have been a prized possession owned by royals and gem collectors around the world. 

Despite all its qualities, buying a gemstone can be tricky and confusing. There are many fake sellers inundating the markets with cheap imitations of coloured gems. You need to identify the quality factors that define any pure and high-quality gemstone. Lay your trust in a seller like GemPundit having a stellar reptation and offering solid evidence of originality in the form of a lab certificate with every stone.  

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when buying a precious gemstone like ruby online:

Examine the Stone’s Quality

The rubies are a rare and valuable gemstone that won’t come cheap if you are looking for decent quality. Hence, the first thing you should ask the seller is to give a tangible proof about the quality of your stone. A certification from a trusted lab can clear most of your doubts as it clearly states the source of the gemstone, it’s clarity grade, and few other details about it. 

However, there are some visible signs as well that you shouldn’t ignore. For example, the colour of the stone is the most obvious quality check. Look at the stone closely to make sure that it has a deep, intense colour with a perfect saturation. Rubies are known for their pigeon blood red colour that’s neither too dark nor too light. 

Clarity is the second most important factor to check. Some inclusions come naturally in pure rubies. These are tiny gas bubbles or rutile inclusions that aren’t too pronounced but exist on the surface nonetheless. 

Look at the Stone’s Shape and Size

Most commonly, rubies are found in smaller sizes ranging from 1-3 carats because larger rubies are rare and extremely expensive. Usually, the stone is found in rough tabular form that’s hard to cut and faceted into larger sizes. The shape given after the cut of the stone also defines the price of a ruby. Best jewellers will cut a stone to showcase its beauty from the right angles. 

Oval and cushion cuts are most commonly ones due to their brilliant crowns. You can also find a ruby stone online in some fancy cuts like heart, marquise, or emerald but they are hard to find and cost higher than standard shapes. Whatever shape you choose, it should make the stone burst with colour and shine from all angles. 

Buying Gemstone Online
Guide on Buying a Gemstone Online using a high quality seller. Image courtesy of ‘GemPundit.’

Choose a Perfect Setting

Since the jewellery will probably stay with you for the entire lifetime, you should be careful about choosing the setting of the stone and its design as well. Stones like ruby stand out the most with a prong setting in a solitaire design or a pattern where a large ruby is surrounded by a band of tiny diamonds in a paved setting. 

Other popular options are halo setting where the stone is slightly elevated on the prongs to be highlighted perfectly amid other smaller stones. A cluster setting has several stones in a cluster-like design that makes the stones look like an aesthetic group of sparkling beauties. 

Ask About the Metal Used

The metal used for making your gemstone jewellery also has a lasting impact on its durability and beauty. You may find options like sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and Panchdhatu. All of them look stunning with the right stone. For example, a ruby ring looks amazing when set in yellow gold or silver. 

Depend the metal that fits your budget and also seek an astrologer’s advice to make the right selection. Sometimes, you may have to wear the right combination of stone and metal to get the astrological benefits of the gemstone in your life, especially when seeking true love, passion, success, and social status. 

Compare the Price and Reputation

Buying gemstone jewellery online also comes with certain doubts about the pricing and quality of the stone. Avoid any concerns by comparing the prices of jewellery on several reputed online stores. However, make a fair assessment based on factors like the stone’s quality, size, seller’s reviews, and customer services they offer. 

Ask as many questions as you want from the seller and see how they answer them. A trustworthy store will always help you find a perfect gemstone and jewellery that fits your needs and budget. So, opt for such sellers only to get maximum value of your money.