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How to Find People Online

find people online
Free resources to help you find people online & reconnect with.
find people online
Free resources to help you find people online & reconnect with

Free resources you can use to help you find people online that you may have lost track with, moved away, changed jobs, homes or schools. 

People can drift apart when they change jobs, homes, or schools. You might have lost touch with some friends or want to get in touch with distant relatives, but don’t know how to track them down.

There are online resources that can help you find old friends or family you have lost touch with.

Here are some ways you can find people online. Let’s take a look at these resources.

Use a people search site

People’s search sites nowadays are very efficient as they provide information on contact info, background records, and social media accounts right away. 

This way, you can find information easily if you have a new neighbor or a new roommate or met someone online.

Some of these websites are free and only provide a bit of basic information. The paid ones can get more in-depth information on marital status, property owned, family members, etc.

You can search for someone using their first and last name, mobile phone, or address.

Use Google to track someone down

Googling people is a free and efficient way to find someone online.  

Google has a set of advanced commands that you can take advantage of to make your search optimized and efficient. 

For example, searching for the name Anne Marie Williams will give you an unexpectedly large number of results. But if you put the name in quotes, it will come up only with the text between the quote symbols. 

Putting the name plus other relevant information in quotes, like the school name, will come up with very narrow and specific search results.

Free People Search

Free People Search is an online search tool to locate people using their email, phone, or name. 

This people finder is entirely free in its essential features and quickly retrieves the information needed.

You can search by name, email, and other contact information and get the results on the people you are looking for quickly. You will need to activate the paid site version for a more detailed report.

Good old Facebook

Facebook is a very intuitive method that millions of people use to connect with lost friends and family. It has millions of users, and the person you are looking for likely uses Facebook. 

You can use different search parameters such as first and last name, email address, or phone number.

You can search for the school, college, or company they were associated with.

Find people online through public records

Public records allow you to request access to a person’s criminal records, birth records, genealogy, blogs, and more. This information can help you track someone online.

Their records can be readily available or need special permission to access. It depends on your state and country.

Username search 

Some online resources allow you to do a reverse search using their email.

This is very useful if you know someone only by their username. This might happen on network sites, dating apps, chat websites and more.

The research usually gets a deep scan across several websites and gives you the best results.

Locating someone with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a favorite way to connect with long-lost colleagues and schoolmates. It has a vast professional network database where you can search all registered users.

Just enter the name and surname of the person you are looking for, and you can obtain information on their job, school history, and professional connections.

You must create an account or log in to your existing one to get their email.

Find a person if you know their address using Zillow

If all you know is the address of an old friend who has moved, you can use Zillow.

This type of reverse search is best if you have few details about the person other than their current or past address, though.

It gives a lot of information regarding the property itself, and if you are looking to buy real estate, it is a handy search. 

You can find your lost friends or family members using these resources. When you’re trying to track down someone special, it’s best to have realistic expectations, as things might not turn out as you desire. If you find them, greet them with an open mind and heart and hope for the best.