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Texas mom attacks daughter’s opponents at Basketball Game

Dominique Graham Texas mom
Dominique Graham Texas mom attack during Plano basketball game. Also pictured, Referee Greg Ivanovsky. Images via police bookings and screengrab.
Dominique Graham Texas mom
Dominique Graham Texas mom attack during Plano basketball game. Images via police bookings and social media.

Dominique Graham Texas mom attacks teen daughter’s middle school opponents during Plano Basketball Game as well as sucker punching referee trying to contain the mother. 

It must have been fun…? A Texas mother is facing a slew of charges after cops say she attacked players of her opposing daughter’s basketball team, along with the referee and multiple others people during a middle school match over the weekend

Matters came to a head when referee Greg Ivanovsky ejected a player after she punched another seventh grade girl during Saturday’s game in Collins County. After the game was over, the player went back to the court to continue the fight, according to police in Murphy.

Things escalated when the ejected girl’s mother, identified as Dominique Graham, 37, instead of trying to control her daughter, got violent herself and punched the the 13-year-old girl her daughter was yelling at in the face. 

In an attempt to break up the fight, Ivanovsky was sucker-punched by Graham. The force of the blow sent him sprawling backwards on to the ground. 

In his 26 years of reffing, Greg Ivanovsky says this is the worst behavior he’s ever seen by a parent. ‘My lip is like all swollen up, and I just had dental work,’ he told FOX4News

‘How do you do that to a child?’

The mother went on to yell at other parents when a dad stepped in to protect his family. Police say she scratched the man across his face, leaving visible red marks according Graham’s arrest warrant affidavit

But there was more.

More parents and kids rushed to help when police say Graham assaulted two other teen players, kicking a 13-year-old in the back and punching a 14-year-old in the face. 

‘How do you do that to a child? I’m emotional because I am baffled by that,’ Ivanovsky said.

‘The simple fact that someone comes out here and attacks these kids, it’s just mind-boggling,’ the referee added. 

Murphy police arrived and took Graham to the Wylie Police Department jail, where now she faces three felony country of injury to a child and two other counts of assault. 

If convicted of the former, Graham could spend a decade in prison for each count. The assault charges carry anywhere from two to 20 years behind bars.

Police haven’t confirmed if the assaults were caught on camera.