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Lady Gaga dog walker sets up GoFundme: Broke & homeless

Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme
Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme. Will you be donating?
Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme
Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme. Will you be donating?

Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker sets up GoFundme cause he is broke & homeless as he goes on 6 month mental wellbeing healing post shooting. 

Presumably the pop princess will be donating some chump change in a minute or two…

Making headlines is the woeful tale of Lady Gaga’s former dog walker, Ryan Fischer, who on Monday created a GoFundMe page, requesting $40,000 in crowdfunding – because he is broke and homeless and in desperate need of a spiritual ‘road trip’. 

Interestingly, Ryan tagged the page under the ‘medical’ and ‘illness & healing’ sections on the website.

The plea for divine benediction financial assistance comes five months after Ryan was shot while walking the pop star’s three French bulldogs in Los Angeles.

On Feb 24, Ryan was out on a walk with Lady Gaga’s dogs, when two men reportedly jumped out of a car and attempted to kidnap the animals. They managed to steal Koji and Gustav, but the third one, Asia, escaped. Asia was found by the police later.

When it’s time to drop out of life and get the healing you need

Lady Gaga, who was filming House of Gucci in Europe at the time, announced she would pay a $500,000 reward for Koji and Gustav’s return. Only a few days later, a woman found the two dogs and returned them.

But in a plot twist, presumably more breathtaking than the movie Gaga was filming in Europe, the same woman was later arrested along with four other people, who were also allegedly involved in the crime.

It was reported that one suspect had a semiautomatic handgun with which he shot Ryan.

Bang bang – but not dead. Ryan suffered severe damage in his lungs, and a part of it had to be removed. The incident left the dog walker demoralized hospitalized for over a month. A few months into his healing, Ryan Fischer took to his Instagram and revealed the details about his injury.

In a since deleted Instagram post, the celebrity dog walker wrote: ‘It became quite clear that my lung was not healing, and the bullet wound had scarred my tissue like a burn.’

Detailing his realizations after the trauma, the celebrity dog walker further wrote: ‘Working through trauma is way more than dealing with one unfortunate moment in life.’

Sound like anything you might be going through? You’re not alone. And neither is Ryan. Kumbayah my lord.

Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme
Ryan Fischer Lady Gaga dog walker GoFundme. Because celebrity has its perks…

Social media responds: Get rich or die trying

In the aftermath of the incident, Ryan decided to leave LA and take a break from work (because who can resist?). He also decided to travel around America in his van and seek emotional and mental healing after he had reclaimed his body as a part of his physical healing. However, just a few days ago, his 1991 Ford Falcon rental stopped working and had to be left behind (bummer, right?).

Undeterred, the celebrity dog walker in his drive, revealed seeking ‘communities that support the process of growing from trauma, including retreats, trauma programs, queer healers, creatives, and spiritual leaders’ to help him out.

His GoFundMe page, goes on to explain that after merely two months into his six-month journey of bohemia self healing, he has run out of funds. The hapless celebrity dog walker also stated that he neither had a vehicle nor an apartment now. 

The dog walker further said that he had run out of savings and was surviving on donations from family and friends (kids, raise your hands if this reminds you of someone you might know?). However, as life would have it, Ryan had to now reach out to a bigger crowd for help. You. 

The $40,000 he is aiming to collect through the donations is set to cover a van purchase and his travel expenses. And of course a one way ticket to self redemption and mental rejuvenation. 

Needless to say, Lady Gaga’s dog walker fundraiser left many fans piqued. With some wondering, @ladygaga should be sending him and providing therapy for what he went through. How sad.’

While others went so far to urged the pop star to help her former employee out. Posted one Twitter user, ‘If only he had an Uber rich boss who could thank him for his sacrifice’. While another reflected, ‘He probably wanted to do this for himself! Gaga I’m sure has done enough and more.’

While this author wondered, ‘she’s probably digging through her diamond crusted handbag seeing what she can pawn off later this afternoon ….’

Do you suppose?