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Why? Wisconsin teen arrested w/ Madison doctor & husband murders

Khari Sanford Madison, WI teen
Pictured, Khari Sanford Madison, WI teen.
Khari Sanford Madison WI
Pictured, Khari Sanford Madison, Wisconsin teen.

Khari Sanford Madison, Wisconsin teen arrested in connection with the murders of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre. Teen was romantically involved with the victims’ daughter. 

### Update: A second suspect was arrested late Friday in the double homicide of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre, whom UW Police believe were shot by the pair of 18-year-old men.

Ali’jah J. Larrue was arrested at about 11:20 p.m. and booked into the Dane County Jail on two tentative counts of being a party to the crime of first-degree intentional homicide, police said.

### Original post: Wisconsin police have arrested an 18-year-old teen in connection to the homicides of a respected Madison physician and her husband.

Khari Sanford‘s arrest follows the discovery of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre who authorities say were found dead or dying in a ditch on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus Tuesday morning.

Sanford was booked into the county jail Friday, with tentative charges party to a crime of first degree intentional homicide.

‘It was calculated, cold blooded and senseless,’ UW Police Chief Kristin Roman told of the killings 27News reports.

UW Police officials say a jogger found Potter and Carrel near the entrance to the UW Arboretum. The Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office says the husband and wife were the victims of homicidal violence.

Potter was still alive when emergency responders arrived at the scene but later died at a hospital. Carre was declared dead at the scene, but it is not clear if he was dead by the time the pair was first discovered.

Dr. Potter worked at a university-run medical center and was praised by colleagues and patients as a caring leader and mentor in health care. Carre ran an educational consulting business as well as working as an athletic coach. Friends praised the husband for his guidance of elementary, middle and high school athletes.

Wisconsin doctor & husband shot dead in execution by daughter’s boyfriend & accomplice

Dr Beth Potter and Robin Carre
Pictured, Dr Beth Potter and Robin Carre.
Khari Sanford Madison, WI teen
Pictured, Khari Sanford Madison, WI teen.

‘Used to be a wild child I had to calm down.’

Of note, Sanford is acquainted with the daughter of the victims, sources told 27 News. Her Facebook page features a video of Sanford playing football for Madison West High School. Potter and Carre reportedly had three children.

Perhaps most disconcerting was an image Sanford had recently shared on Facebook, with the youth posting a photo of himself earlier this year showing him holding a gun along with making comments about policing the police.

In his about page, Sanford describes himself attending Madison West High school – the same high school as the victims’ daughter and two sons. The Potter/Carre daughter wrote comments on Facebook that indicate she had been in a relationship with Sanford. ‘hey bae ❤️,’ she wrote on a Facebook post of Sanford’s 13 weeks ago.

It remained unclear if the teens were still involved and whether the teens faced blowback from Potter and Carre for their involvement.

A further regard of Sanford’s Facebook page revealed him also posting, ‘we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy✊🏽😤.’ In 2019, he wrote, ‘Used to be a wild child I had to calm down.” He also wrote: “…came from nothin😤🤘🏽.’

Police say the husband and wife pair was targeted and the killing was not random. They have not released the specific cause of death or how or why the couple came to be targeted. 

Prior criminal history: 

But there’s more. Sanford has a prior criminal record – with the teen previously charged with felony auto theft in Dane County. A criminal complaint states while Sanford’s foster parents were away from their Middleton home and in Africa, he stole their car after disabling some of the home’s surveillance cameras. Days after the theft, the complaint says police found Sanford sleeping in the car. ‘He was upset with his foster parents when he took the car,’ police say in the complaint.

Having accepted responsibility for the theft, Sanford was admitted into into a deferred prosecution program- instead of being incarcerated. It is understood the 18 year old was still in the program when he allegedly participated in the killings of Potter and Carre. Authorities have not revealed possible leads in the potential arrest of other collaborators.

Khari Sanford Madison WI
Pictured, Khari Sanford Madison WI teen. Image via Facebook.