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Haines City murder suicide: man shoots wife dead for cheating, then kills two teens sons then self

Haines City murder suicide
Pictured, from left to right, Joseph
Haines City murder suicide
Haines City murder suicide: Pictured, from left to right, Mark Joseph oldest son, Darren and Markus Joseph

Haines City murder suicide: Mark Joseph Florida man shoots wife dead for cheating, then kills two teens sons then self. 

Haines City murder suicide: A Florida man fatally shot his wife, whom he suspected of cheating, and their two teenage sons before turning the gun on himself over the weekend. 

Haines City police officers and Polk County deputies found four people dead after responding to a 911 call at the family’s home at 7.30am on Sunday, according to a police news release. There was no evidence of a struggle. 

Mark Joseph, 43, called 911 and told dispatchers that he’d shot his wife and children inside the Southern Dunes subdivision, police said. 

He then told the dispatcher that he intended to shoot himself and that the door would be unlocked.

The quadruple shooting took place in a gated community.

Haines City murder suicide
Pictured, Darren Joseph.

Father of two teen sons suspected his wife have of having an affair: 

Responding officers and deputies said they found Marie Joseph, 43, lying on a couch with her husband sitting dead in a nearby chair. 

Darren Joseph, 18, and Markus Joseph, 14, were found in their respective beds. All four had gunshot wounds to the head, investigators said. Marie Joseph had also been shot in the shoulder.

‘The kid was just graduating from my old high school that I graduated from,’ local resident Carmen Wooser told Bay News 9.

‘And the 14-year-old, he was probably in high school, freshman year, and it was just very sad because there’s no real rhyme or reason why he did that.’

‘We cannot understand the unwarranted and senseless nature of this tragedy and the poignant reminder of the suffering that family and friends will now endure,’ Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky said.

According to the police, the investigation into the triple murder-suicide has revealed a possible motive: Mark suspected his wife was having an affair, reported WTSP.

The husband worked two jobs at a warehouse and at a security company, and was in possession of a gun.