Home Scandal and Gossip What pandemic? George and Amal Clooney invest $112K on twins playhouse

What pandemic? George and Amal Clooney invest $112K on twins playhouse

George and Amal Clooney twins playhouse
George and Amal Clooney twins playhouse will make you weep. Image via social media.
George and Amal Clooney twins playhouse
George and Amal Clooney twins playhouse will make you weep. Image via social media.

George and Amal Clooney twins playhouse $112K w/ toy giraffe sets tongues wagging as couple refuse to comment on recent separation/ divorce rumors. 

Can the disparate differences between the few haves vs most have nots be more on display with the weekend revelations of our collective Hollywood heroes, George and Amal Clooney having invested a whopping $112, 000 on their twins’ playhouse?

According to the tabloids rushing to report on the uber glamorous couple, George and Amal made the splash on their two year old twins, Ellas and Alexander in a bid to make their children’s playhouse a mini version of their main house. Why not says me?

The lavish two-story den according to the dailymail will have a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, complete with running water. It will also include a zip-wire and a life-sized toy giraffe, Amal’s favorite animal, for the twins to ride on. Why decline? 

Lest one imagines the children’s playhouse be an amateur affair, think woefully again …

For the designing of the mini pad, the activist actor and his human rights barrister wife have reportedly brought in Barbara Butler, who will be assisted by Michael S Smith, who redesigned Barack Obama’s White House office in 2010.

‘It is extravagant but George and Amal want the best. They are also adamant the kids are appreciative and don’t take anything for granted,’ a source close to the couple told the dailymail. 

The ‘investments’ have caused eyebrows to flinch as most of the world braces amid the health and economic onslaught that the novel coronavirus pandemic has brought, leaving many Americans unable to pay for their rents, mortgages and queueing in unemployment lines.

But there’s more. Plenty of more money to spend.

Don’t worry we still care about our fans: 

George and Amal have also been reported to have spent nearly $12.44 million on renovations to their mansion in California currently, including a new pool house and living quarters for their staff (are the Clooney’s hiring…?) 

The revelations come a few days after reports surfaced claiming that the 58-year-old Hollywood star and his 42-year-old human rights activist’s marriage was on the rocks. The couple had been living separately for months now and speculation existed whether George and Amal’s marriage could be heading for divorce.

Reports also said that George was seen carrying some of his personal things in Los Angeles which sparked rumors that he might have moved out of the couple’s mansion in Studio City.

George was also spotted having dinner with his business partner and close confidante, Rande Gerber, at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, where he is believed to have been sharing details about his marital woes.

‘Rande has provided a very attentive ear for decades during their guys’ nights at Craig’s, and on this evening, in particular, they were talking very seriously and intensely. George is a naturally friendly guy, but he was in no mood to chat with anyone else and seemed to be getting something off his chest,’ a source told the dailymail.

The source further added, ‘George has kept Rande up to date on how things haven’t been good with Amal for a while now. He’s made it clear that if George needs somewhere to stay, even for a few days if discussions over their marriage become too intense, he is more than welcome to stay in Malibu with him and Cindy [Crawford, his wife], for as little or as long as he wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was where George was heading with his backpack.’

To date, George nor Amal have said anything their relationship. Yet. 

But lest the world think the human right advocates care little abut me and you, the pair according to Deadline donated $1 million to help Hollywood affiliates reduce losses from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair are reported to have divided the donation into six parts for different organizations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The donated money will be split among George’s colleagues who are struggling in Hollywood amid a complete shutdown of the industry. The amount will also help in the more direct relief works- perhaps not your children’s playhouse mind you….