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She was the love of my life: Holistic health guru stabbed to death by fiancee after calling off engagement

Pictured, Gabrielle Gottlieb of NYC's wellbalancedwoman.
Gabrielle Gottlieb
Pictured Gabrielle Gottlieb, murdered Manhattan woman.

Gabrielle Gottlieb Manhattan holistic health guru stabbed to death by martial arts fiancee John L. Foster aka Jenzen Fury after calling off their engagement. 

‘That’s what you get for breaking up with me.’ 

Those are the words an unhinged 63 year old man uttered to his holistic wellness guru  fiancee moments before fatally plunging a knife to her chest, after she’d minutes before called off their engagement and run down the streets of Manhattan — fleeing for her life, as the man gave pursuit only to corner her in a liquor store where she’d sought refuge.

Gabrielle Gottlieb, 64, was allegedly stabbed to death by her 63 year old martial arts expert’ fiancee, John L. Foster, 64, last Wednesday night, circa 10.20 p.m after having removed her engagement ring and fled the home the couple had been ‘holed up’ amid the coronavirus pandemic the nydailynews reports.

‘You’ll be punished for this,’ the spurned man is alleged to have warned as he burst into the liquor shop Gottlieb had sought refuge in before stabbing the woman to death. 

A Good Samaritan tried to stop the assault, but ­Foster allegedly responded with a punch to the face the nypost reported.

Foster then ran to the rooftop of her five-story apartment building two blocks away and, surrounded by cops, threatened to jump, telling them, ‘She was the love of my life.’

As the standoff continued, Foster ignored their orders to get down on the ground, instead screaming ‘Shoot me!’ along with charging officers. Cops managed to grab the ‘groom to be’ and take him into custody.

Despite being rushed to hospital, Gottlieb mortally succumbed to her injuries people magazine reported.

Couple met about a year ago at a spirituality workshop: 

Foster’s slain fiancée was the proprietor of Well Balanced Woman, an acupuncture center offering a holistic approach to concerns from fertility to menopausal health.

‘She was a very kind, soft-spoken, gentle, mild-mannered kind of person,’ her cousin,  told the tabloid. ‘Oh my God. It’s shocking.’

It wasn’t the first run in with the law for Foster, who went by his martial arts name, Jenzen Fury, with the nypost reporting the man having 18 prior arrests dating back to the 1980s — including five for drug possession and one for drug peddling.

‘She was an incredibly accomplished woman who had terrible taste in men,’ Gottlieb’s friend of four decades, Judy Jackson, told the tabloid. ‘Even though he had this history, she felt that she could help him. She believed in him when he minimized and diminished his past.’

The couple had only met about a year ago at a spirituality workshop and became engaged after just three months.

‘He approached her,’ Jackson said. ‘He’s a very good-looking man and in incredible shape. He paid her a lot of attention. It developed quickly.’

Foster, who lived in the Bronx, started spending time at Gottlieb’s much tonier Manhattan digs after the two began dating.

Gottlieb while ‘disturbed’ over her new love interest’s volatile temperament invited the man to stay with her during the coronavirus pandemic, worried he would become infected, Jackson said. Instead, matters soon began to devolve as the two remained confined in tight quarters together.

Incidence of domestic violence during coronavirus pandemic: 

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea raised red flags last week about fears that domestic violence victims were not calling for help during the coronavirus shutdown. Cops have been calling known victims, helping them set up safety plans and giving them code words to use if they call for help with their abuser listening in.

Gottlieb wasn’t on the NYPD’s radar because cops had never been called about the couple, whose relationship had apparently never turned violent before.

The last straw came Wednesday night when Foster came home to the victim’s Kips Bay apartment with his knuckles bleeding from punching a wall, incensed that he’d been overcharged on an $18 tab at Burger King — and invoking the name of Adolph Hitler to his Jewish bride-to-be. 

Jackson, who spoke with the victim shortly before her death, said Gottlieb told her she took off her ring and placed it on the finger of a statue of Buddha.

‘I can’t have the peace of my home disrupted anymore,’ Jackson quoted her friend as saying. ‘I can’t do this anymore.’

Foster had been married at least twice previously, according to the sources.