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Easy steps on how to make the E juice.

How to make thc e juice for vaping
How to make thc e juice for vaping. Image via social media.
How to make thc e juice for vaping
How to make thc e juice for vaping. Image via social media.

How to make thc e juice for vaping explained: Understanding the different stages involved in extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis.

Ever wondered how your favorite vaping oil was made? The ingredients that were used to achieve such an end product or the instruments and types of equipment that played a role in making this happen? Well, think no further because in this article we will looking at how to make thc e juice in the comfort of your home.

For beginners who have no idea of what the thc e juice is – It is basically a liquid that comprises of the extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis concentrate made from cannabis flowers.

The thc e juice is the go-to of every stoner and individuals who want to satisfy their cravings for something to keep them relaxed quickly. It is known to have lots of health benefits ranging from healthy skin to oral hygiene, to improve your sense of smell and taste, blood circulation, and also, research has proven that vaping with the use of thc e juice is 95% healthier than smoking(cool huh? Probably because it doesn’t contain tar and combustion, and vapers if adding nicotine, get to choose the amount they want to use).

Also, another cool benefit of thc e juice is that it is not expensive, You can actually get one for as low as $10! But then, buying it often can be detrimental to your pocket. This is why making your very own thc e oil at home is your best bet for keeping your bank account in check. Not to forget, there’s also the issue of buying what you have no idea of how it was prepared or the ingredients that were added to it. Hence, why being knowledgeable about how to make the thc e juice is very important.

The first things that’ll be needed in the production of thc e juice are the ingredients and certain instruments. Here is the list of ingredients and instruments needed in the production of the thc e juice.

  • Empty glass dropper bottles or plastic unicorn tip bottles with childproof caps.
  •  Latex gloves (to protect your hands).
  • Blunt tip syringes( for accurate measuring, though you can use the counting drops method if you prefer)
  • Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).
    • Base (this is the liquid before you add flavoring or nicotine)

There are different stages in the preparation of thc e juice. And the first stage is steeping. This just has to do with adding the flavors and mixing herbs into the base until you have your desired taste and concentration. Putting it in bottles and leaving it in a dark corner for a few days for it to cool.

The next stage is called the infusion stage. This is where THC is infused into the base using shatter. The ingredients needed for this are:

      • 1gram of shatter
      • PG/VG bottle (ejuice mixture of your choice)
      • 2 small bowls
      • Spoon
      • Aluminum foil or wax paper
      • Water
      • Microwave

The following are the steps to follow in making your thc e oil.

    1. Use the spoon to flatten the shatter in your bowl, cover with the aluminum foil or wax paper.

Place the bowl containing the flattened shatter inside a bowl filled with warm water. Or you put it inside the microwave and set the timer at one minute at a time and keep checking it until the mixture turns runny.

     2. This is where you start adding the PG/VG drops, keep stirring for up to a minute. By the time you’ve done this, the shatter and the PG/VG mix should be well integrated. And if the consistency is too thick, put the mixture back into the oven, add more drops of the PG/VG mix until you’ve got the right consistency.

     3. Now you have the right consistency. Your thc ejuice is ready. Carefully pour your thc ejuice into your vaporizer, switch it on, place in your mouth, take a deep breath, and exhale!

Now you know how to make thc e juice yourself, and you don’t have to get worried about spending money to buy the thc e juice from retailers. You can now make your very own thc ejuice in the comfort of your home and start vaping.