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Nanny McPhee child star dies: Iggy Fox activist w/ no health issues collapses after jog

Raphael Coleman death
Raphael Coleman death: Pictured, former
Raphael Coleman death
Raphael Coleman death: Pictured, former Nanny McPhee chid star and Extinction Rebellion climate activist.

Raphael Coleman Nanny McPhee star death: Former child star with no health issues collapses after jog. Embraced climate activism w/ Extinction Rebellion. 

Nanny McPhee star Raphael Coleman has died aged 25 after collapsing following a run. The former child actor’s death occurred last Friday, February 7, in South Africa according to reports.

The actor and climate activist with London’s Extinction Rebellion died despite having no prior health issues. 

News of Coleman’s death was confirmed by his mother Liz Jensen, who posted on Twitter: ‘Rest in peace my beloved son Raphael Coleman, aka Iggy Fox. He died doing what he loved, working for the noblest cause of all. His family could not be prouder. Let’s celebrate all he achieved in his short life and cherish his legacy.’

Posted his stepfather, Carsten Jensen, on Facebook: ‘He collapsed without prior health problems in the middle of a trip and could not be restored. I got to know Raph when he was six years old, and we were so close.’ 

‘I will never forget you, we say in a farewell greeting to the dead. But when it’s your own child, it’s your genes, your whole body, something greater than the word I who forever refuse to accept the judgment of death,’ Jensen wrote, adding, ‘Raph wasn’t my child, even though I was close to him,’ Carsten continued. ‘But I can feel it myself. I see it in his mother’s eyes, and I hear it in her voice, the irreversible loss of the most precious thing in life.’

Rise in fame as child actor and scientist and then climate activist: 

Along with ‘Nanny McPhee’ where he played the role of Eric Brown, Coleman also acted in ‘The Fourth Kind’ and ‘It’s Alive’

Coleman was born on September 30, 1994, in Wandsworth, London as Raphael Pierre Jensen Coleman. According to IMDb, He attended the University of Manchester in 2013, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree for Zoology in 2017. Per Radar Online, he won the best young actor at the British Independent Film Festival in 2010.

At 18 Coleman travelled to Thailand where he pursued his passion for science and became a biologist according to the Evening Standard.

He later went to Costa Rica and Indonesia where he qualified as a diver before working for Extinction Rebellion, an international movement that uses ‘non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse’.

Speaking to the Extinction Rebellion-supported independent newspaper, The Hourglass, he described his wish for a ‘future’ when he was questioned in a police interview.

He said: ‘I’d quite like a future. Right now, my future is on fire, and in Brazil, they’re killing the firefighters.’ 

Extinction Rebellion climate activist planned upcoming vandalization: 

Coleman who was known as Iggy Fox at the activist group handled their social media. 

In a statement, post his death, Extinction Rebellion said: ‘James ‘Iggy’ Fox died yesterday. He was 25, had given up a career in science to join XR and fought hard for the cause, especially for Indigenous rights. Iggy was a burning bright soul and he will be deeply missed by us all.’

At the time of his death Coleman was preparing his legal defense for vandalizing the Brazilian Embassy in London, something he had done as an action against the Amazon fire. ‘Like many climate activists he was prepared to go to jail for his belief that we owe it to the future to do all we can to protect and defend this beautiful Earth from those who are hastening its collapse,’ Coleman’s mother wrote in a letter. 

Medics have yet to say what officially called Coleman, whose sudden death continues to remain a mystery.