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Body of missing glamor model ‘injected w/ pool cleaner’ found encased in concrete – 2 suspects arrested

Esmeralda Gonzalez Las Vegas
Pictured, Esmeralda Gonzalez missing Las Vegas woman and suspects,
Esmeralda Gonzalez Las Vegas
Pictured, Esmeralda Gonzalez missing Las Vegas woman and suspects, Christopher Prestipino and his girlfriend 31-year-old Lisa Mort.

Body of Esmeralda Gonzalez missing Las Vegas woman found as suspects, Christopher Prestipino and Lisa Mort arrested in glamor model’s cover up murder.

The body of a Las Vegas woman who went missing earlier this year is believed to have been found – after authorities came across human remains encased in a concrete and wooden structure in the middle of the desert. Cops say the victim was injected with pool cleaner and strangled to death before being dumped.

Esmeralda Gonzalez, 24, was reported missing in Las Vegas by relatives on May 31 after she hadn’t been heard from in several days. 

On Wednesday, Las Vegas police revealed they found a body thought to be that of the missing woman, described as working as a glamor model working in adult entertainment in the desert area north of Las Vegas on October 8. Officials have yet to officially identify the victim’s body KTNV reports.

Following the discovery, cops announced the arrest of two suspects in Gonzalez’s murder, 45-year-old Christopher Prestipino and his girlfriend 31-year-old Lisa Mort who allegedly knew about the killing and helped cover it up. 

Prestipino is accused of kidnapping and killing Gonzalez by strangling her and injecting her with the poison, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. 

The man is alleged to have then taken extensive measures to hide Gonzalez’s body, including renting a U-Haul and dumping her body in the desert, according to a criminal complaint filed in court. 

Investigators said they received a tip implicating Prestipino who has prior arrests including one for manufacturing meth in July, and later determined that Gonzalez was held against her will inside the suspect’s home during a ‘drug binge’ before she was murdered. 

She lived about one-tenth of a mile from Prestipino. 

Christopher Prestipino and Lisa Mort
Pictured, Christopher Prestipino and Lisa Mort.

Widely followed adult entertainer suffered from mental issues: 

The victim’s brother said Gonzalez suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and had been off her medication in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. 

Prosecutors believe she was ‘out of it’ and may have accidentally went to Prestipino’s home, thinking it was her own. 

Prestipino was arrested last week along with Mort. Both suspects are being held at the Clark County jail

Prestipino is facing charges for murder, first-degree kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm, and conspiracy murder, according to jail records. He appeared in court on Wednesday morning.

Mort’s charge is listed as ‘harbor/conceal/aid felony offender’. She is set to appear in court on October 29. 

The documents also name co-conspirator Cassandra Garret in Gonzalez’ murder. She had not been arrested as of Wednesday. 

Gonzalez worked in the adult entertainment industry and boasted more than 315,000 followers on Instagram

Her brother reported her missing after he didn’t see her for a week and finding the lights inside her home on, the front door unlocked, and the inside ransacked.  

During the course of the five months since Gonzalez disappeared, family members issued multiple pleas for the public’s help in finding her. 

‘My family and I are worried sick. It’s an agonizing and heart-wrenching feeling,’ the victim’s brother, Juan Gonzalez, told Fox5Vegas in late July. 

‘It’s not like her to go missing like this. It’s very shocking to us. We don’t know where she could be. We don’t know why she would leave.’ 

‘We feel it’s very important for the public to understand how vulnerable she is,’ he said. 

Neighbors reported seeing Gonzalez waking around her neighborhood in high heels and lingerie asking for a ride in the day before her death. 

Esmeralda Gonzalez missing Las Vegas
Pictured, Esmeralda Gonzalez missing Las Vegas woman.
hristopher Prestipino and Lisa Mort
Pictured, Lisa Mort and Christopher Prestipino, Image via social media.

Glamor model fateful interaction with meth junkie neighbors: 

In the pre-dawn hours of May 31 she was captured in surveillance video trying to open the door to a home in the 9000 block of West Torino Avenue, less than two-tenths of a mile from Prestipino’s home. 

‘The occupants awoke and advised Esmeralda she was at the wrong house. Esmeralda’s gait was unsteady and she appeared disoriented,’ prosecutors say in court documents.

It’s believed she then stumbled to Prestipino’s home.

In late July homicide detectives received a tip saying he might have killed Gonzalez. 

Another tipster was interviewed by police and claimed that Prestipino told a friend ‘he killed the missing girl’. 

‘Esmeralda was at Christopher’s house, and he ended up getting her high on methamphetamine. Christopher was not aware of Esmeralda’s mental problems, and she started acting bizarre and speaking in the devil’s tongue,’ that witness said, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Pamela Weckerly.

Prosecutors say she was ‘left tied up to a bedpost for an extended period of time’. When he untied her she punched him in the face and threatened to call police and tell them he had given her drugs. 

It is there that Prestipino strangled her. Investigators believe she was later poisoned. 

To get rid of the body, prosecutors allege Prestipino renting a U-Haul truck and asked a family friend to help him move a wooden box full of concrete. 

After dumping the body he fled to Belize. He returned to Las Vegas on Friday and was subsequently arrested. 

The family have not spoken out since Gonzalez’s body was found. 

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.  


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