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Florida man kills mom, dog cause YouTube made him paranoid

Colby Larue
Pictured, Florida man, Colby Glen Larue. Image via Facebook
Colby Larue
Pictured, Florida man, Colby Larue. Image via Facebook

Colby Glen Larue a Florida man shoots his mother and family dog dead after becoming paranoid that she was about to be attacked after watching YouTube.

A Florida man said he fatally shot both his mom and his dog because YouTube videos he was watching made him paranoid that she was about to be attacked by a stranger.

Colby Glen Larue, 22, told cops he was watching videos Tuesday evening when he started worrying that someone would rape or harm his mother, Angela Limbaugh, according to an arrest affidavit cited by WFTV 9.

So Colby Larue grabbed a shotgun — and when it didn’t work, picked up a handgun and started pacing on the ground floor of his home according to the affidavit. 

Disturbed by the commotion, Limbaugh walked downstairs — where Larue allegedly shot both her and their pit bull in the head, once twice.

‘Larue advised he killed his mother because he was protecting her from individuals who were supposedly coming to harm her,’ the report said.

From there the man told investigators he ignited his mattress with a lighter, boarded a boat in the back yard and rowed across the lake to a bonfire at another home. But the family there demanded he leave — with one resident grabbing a golf club as a weapon.

But there’s more. Brace yourselves.

Colby Larue
Pictured, Colby Larue. Police bookings via Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

What was Colby Larue on? 

So Larue ran bare-chested into a wooded area, and then into a grocery store, where he asked a homeless man wearing an eye patch for a shirt, according to the report.

Then he walked over to the district attorney’s office, where he surrendered to deputies.

Goodnight- time to go to sleep in another YouTube installment of Larue’s hyper surreal world.

Meanwhile, firefighters responded to the house fire around 3:20 a.m. Wednesday. Once the fire was contained, authorities discovered Limbaugh’s body inside, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Larue was arrested at the DA’s office, charged with homicide and first-degree arson of a dwelling.

Authorities said the man had no previous criminal history or previous ‘psychological’ episodes.

Of concern it wasn’t immediately apparent what influences Larue may have consumed in the hours prior that may have shifted his perception. A toxicology test is pending.

He’s being held without bond at the Marion County Jail