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Experts Detail How To Avoid Employee Scandals

Avoid Employee Scandals: Don't become today's news headline. (stock image)
Employee Fraud Schemes
Avoid Employee Scandals: Don’t become today’s news headline. (stock image)

Experts Detail How To Avoid Employee Scandals: Fraud schemes cost industry into the multimillions but there are ways to safeguard and build rapport with workers. 

Every business with employees must be aware of the corporate scandal risks. Even some of the top companies have been forced to deal with scheming executives and/or employees at some point. Some companies have even been faced with fraud schemes that involve two or more employees. Most of these companies have protections in place, such as fraud insurance. However, the first initiative should involve learning how to avoid these schemes.

Risks Are Higher When Money Is Involved

Banks, cash exchanges and restaurants are just a few examples of companies that deal with a lot of money. While companies work diligently to hire workers who have dealt with large sums of money in their previous jobs, there is still no way to determine if an employee is genuinely honest. Even strict hiring policies cannot always protect against fraud. And, just because an employee has a long-term tenure with a specific company does not mean that they could not get caught up in a fraud scheme.

As mentioned above, a strict hiring policy is not always effective but it will help. It is also a good idea to delve into potential applicants’ employment history. Unfortunately, in most cases, this information is not disclosed to the public. In fact, many companies try to handle fraud schemes out of the public view. So, it is still easy to see how a business could hire an employee who has a history of defrauding employers.

Avoid Employee Scandals
Avoid Employee Scandals or Become Today’s News Headline. Stock Image

Be Open-Minded

There is no doubt that every business owners has one or more favorite employees. It is important to note that just because an employee is considered a favorite doesn’t mean that they are totally innocent. Even long-term employees have been caught up in fraud schemes. Being open-minded about the possibility is a great way to catch an employee who is defrauding a company in the act. Just the mere fact that you know that it is a possibility could help reduce the impact, especially if the scheme is caught early on.

Offer Decent Wages And Promotions

The experts believe that employees who are paid well are less likely to defraud a business. This is true for both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Online betting websites, such as Maxbet, offer honest and dedicated employees promotion opportunities. Rewarding honesty is a great way to avoid fraudulent schemes created by workers. Offering promotion and bonus opportunities to hard-working, honest workers will not only help prevent fraud but also help improve employee productivity.

It is crucial to know that not only hourly employees are caught up in fraud. Senior employees, executives, managers and supervisors have also been caught in the act of defrauding companies. So, all employees should be considered a risk.

Avoid Employee Scandals
Avoid Employee Scandals: Learn to Listen. Stock image.

Be Open To Criticism

Employees who are a witness to inside fraudulent activities will oftentimes choose to stay quiet. This is because they do not want to be classified as a snitch or whistleblower. Whatever the case may be, it is always a good idea to be open to criticism. Pulling this off will help encourage witnesses to come forward. It is also wise to offer protection to employees who are willing to speak up against other employees who are running an inside fraud scheme.

Plan Regular Internal Audits

Most employees will not attempt to get involved in a fraud scheme if they know employers are planning unscheduled audits. Conducting routine internal audits is time-consuming. But, just think of the money it could potentially save your company. During the audit, probe through the most recent account records, cash holdings, sensitive financial records and internal controls policies.

For business owners who are too busy to conduct regular internal audits, there are firms that offer auditing services at affordable prices. Routine internal audits will discourage fraudulent activities.

Avoid Employee Scandals
Avoid Employee Scandals: And yes sometimes the biggest and controversial scandals are courtesy from the very top – the owners and employers themselves. Pictured Bernard Madoff who ‘ripped’ off thousands of investors.


Fraudulent workers eventually get caught. But, the time that it takes businesses to catch onto the employee, thousands of dollars have already been lost and will never be recovered. Discouraging fraud among employees will require a strict hiring process, routine internal audits, promotion opportunities and regular supervisory bonuses.

Many business owners prefer hiring third-parties to conduct internal audits. Third-party auditing services is a great way to get the job done without interfering with normal business operations, so it will save money in the long run.