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Walmart Santa missing kids found buried in Georgia backyard

Elwyn Crocker Sr
Pictured, Elwyn Crocker Sr
Elwyn Crocker Sr
Pictured, Elwyn Crocker Sr. Police bookings via Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Georgia Walmart Santa, Elwyn Crocker Sr. arrested after the man’s two children found buried in the family backyard. Three other family members also arrested. 

A Walmart Santa has been arrested following Georgia authorities discovering the remains of the mans two children buried in the family backyard.

Discovered in the backyard of Elwyn Crocker Sr’s backyard were the remains of Crocker’s14-year-old, Elwyn who vanished two years ago, along with the boy’s sister Mary, 14, who was last seen in October.

AJC reported the grisly discovery occurring in the small farming town of Guyton last week- following a tip. The 50 year old father’s arrest comes just days after him having working as a Santa at a Walmart store in nearby Rincon.

Upon his arrest- the father was charged with child cruelty and concealing a death according to a Facebook post by the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Also booked in the children’s deaths was Crocker’s wife and the children’s stepmother, Candice Crocker, 33, her mother, Kim Wright, 50, along with Wright’s boyfriend, Roy Anthony Prater, 55. All three were booked on charges of concealing a death and child cruelty. They remain in Effingham County jail without bond.

A third child, who has special needs, was found alive in the home.

Candice Crocker and Kim Wright
Pictured, Candice Crocker and Kim Wright. Police bookings via Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.

How did Elwyn Crocker Sr conceal siblings disappearance?

The case has since led to investigators asking how it was possible that family members were able to conceal the disappearance of the two children for as long as they had.

‘I’ve been doing this 41 years, and a while ago I almost broke down in tears,’ Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie told reporters during a Monday press conference. ‘It’s that bad. I cannot understand how you do children like this. It’s horrible.’

Neither Elwyn Jr. nor his sister were officially reported missing. How they died is still unclear.

The siblings had been enrolled in Effingham County schools but were withdrawn for home school before they were last seen.

Neighbors said they often saw Mary doing yard work.

‘Other kids said at school they could tell stuff was wrong with her hands. They were red,’ neighbor Gary Bennett told WTOC. ‘That was from being out in the yard, out there most of the time working …’

Of note- the family had been previously reported to the Division of Family and Children Services, cops said.

Investigators have since sought assistance from the children’s mother, who is in South Carolina and believed to be homeless.

‘The biggest question some of us are asking is, how did the little boy go missing for two years and nobody identified that?’ sheriff’s office spokeswoman Gena Sullivan said.

‘This is a very unusual crime, especially in this area, a good, close-knit community,’ coroner David Exley said. ‘Many people cannot believe this happened.’