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Montana man pleads guilty to killing and dismembering two victims and boiling them in acid

Augustus Standingrock 
Pictured, Augustus Standingrock 
Augustus Standingrock 
Pictured, Augustus Standingrock

Augustus Standingrock a Montana man pleads guilty to murdering two people, dismembering them and boiling them in acid. Will testify against accomplice, Tiffanie Pierce. 

A Montana man on Friday pleaded guilty to stabbing two people to death, including a teenage girl, dismembering their bodies and then trying to dissolve them in tubs filled with acid in the basement of a Missoula, home.

Augustus Standingrock’s plea was part of a deal with prosecutors, who will recommend the 26-year-old be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. He pleaded guilty to deliberate homicide and accountability to deliberate homicide in the deaths last year of Marilyn Pickett, 15, and Jackson Wiles, 24.

Prosecutors said Standingrock carried out his crimes after believing Wiles sexually abusing a young girl close to him.

The two were killed at the Missoula house of co-defendant Tiffanie Pierce, 23, who still faces charges of deliberate homicide. 

As part of his plea deal, Standingrock agreed to testify against Pierce. She has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for trial in March.

Tiffanie Pierce and Augustus Standingrock 
Tiffanie Pierce and Augustus Standingrock

Augustus Standingrock concedes driving his victim to his accomplice’s home knowing she intended to kill them.

During Friday’s court hearing, Standingrock told District Judge James Wheelis that he stabbed Wiles and that Pierce killed Pickett, the Missoulian newspaper reported.

The judge asked if Pickett had been free to escape the home. ‘She tried,’ Standingrock answered. He said he handed Pierce the knife and didn’t stop her when she attacked the teen.

During testimony, Standingrock conceded droving Pickett to Pierce’s house knowing that she intended to kill her.

Pierce’s roommate told police he was awakened by a woman’s screams in August 2017. He said he found Pierce and Standingrock in the bathroom washing off blood and that Pierce told him there was a dead woman in the basement.

Pierce later told her roommate that Standingrock brought over a couple of people and that he took them to the basement and attacked one while Pierce attacked the other, the roommate told investigators.

Standingrock and Pierce dismembered the bodies and tried to dissolve them in tubs filled with chemicals that she bought, prosecutors said. Officials said the coroner needed dental records and DNA to identify the bodies.

Investigators also found knives and an ax covered in blood and human tissue.

Standingrock had been scheduled for trial on Jan. 4. Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst previously said she would not seek the death penalty.

Marilyn Pickett and Jackson Wiles
Pictured, victims, Marilyn Pickett and Jackson Wiles,