Home Scandal and Gossip Huntress suicide: Heavy metal singer plagued by mental illness.

Huntress suicide: Heavy metal singer plagued by mental illness.

Jill Janus suicide
Jill Janus suicide: How mental illness battle took toll on Huntress lead singer
Jill Janus suicide
Jill Janus suicide: How mental illness battle took toll on Huntress lead singer

Jill Janus suicide: How mental illness took toll on Huntress lead singer who persevered and prevailed in spite of condition only to capitulate (despite warning others to seek help).

Jill Janus the lead singer of heavy metal band, Huntress has died at age 43 after killing herself.

The suicidal musician’s death follows a long bout with mental illness with the singer taking her own life outside Portland, Oregon on Tuesday according to a statement released by relatives and bandmates released through publicist, Alexandra Greenberg.

Janus who fronted Huntress from the group’s inception in Los Angeles in 2009 sang on three full-length albums along with appearing on tours with bands including Motorhead and Lamb of God.

Founding member and boyfriend Blake Meahl posted on Facebook, Thursday that he and Janus ‘spent 9 years together creating a home, having a family and building our passion project Huntress. The devastation of knowing I will never see her again is the most gutting emotion I have ever experienced.’

‘I hope you have found the peace that you couldn’t find on this planet’ Meahl added.

Jill Janus suicide: Prevailing and persevering because and in spite of mental illness.

Blabbermouth reported the band’s sound was classic thrash-inflected metal, with Janus, one of the few female vocalists in the genre, screaming through songs like ‘Spell Eater,’ ”Eight of Swords,‘ and ‘Sorrow’ with her long blonde hair and tight, black leather stage suits.

She also sang in an all-female metal band known as The Starbreakers on the side.

In addition, Janus was co-composer and creator of an upcoming rock opera with TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA‘s Angus Clark with the entertainer having a decade-long career as NYC DJ Penelope Tuesdae. Her musical career began in childhood.

Perhaps ironically, Janus’s death comes despite her been a vocal advocate for mental health and encouraging fans who were suffering to seek help. 

Jill told Psychology Today in a 2015 interview that she attempted suicide for the first time at the age of 16 ‘with a pair of scissors. I was getting mandatory counseling at school but didn’t see a psychiatrist until I was 20,’ she said. ‘I was then diagnosed manic-depressive and participated in a medical study at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.’

Janus was eventually diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, saying, ‘I’ve always seen and heard things others couldn’t. Many visions or dreams would manifest into reality, which my family and friends described as my ‘psychic ability.’ This caused more drama at school, being called a ‘freak’ and getting beaten up. When I was 17, the visions and encounters with ‘other-worldly creatures’ was almost a daily occurrence.’

Her struggles with bi-polar disorder nearly brought an end to the band in 2018, but they returned for another album and more touring. During 2015, Janus was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She was eventually declared cancer-free after undergoing a hysterectomy.

The released statement urges those considering harming themselves to call the national suicide-prevention hotline.