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Miracle or sham? Indonesian woman swept out to sea turns up alive 18 months later

Nining Sunasih.
Pictured Indonesian woman, Nining Sunasih
Nining Sunarsih.
Pictured Indonesian woman, Nining Sunarsih

Truth or concoction? The family of Nining Sunarsih an Indonesian woman purportedly swept out to sea a year and half ago being found alive at the same spot she went missing. 

A woman who was swept out to sea and believed to have drowned off the coast of Indonesia has re surfaced 18 months later, alive.

Local media reported Nining Sunarsih, 53, being found at the very same beach she’d been swept from a year and half ago. Authorities said the woman was unconscious but alive.

The finding has shocked the woman’s family who were led to believe Nining perishing after being washed away by a large wave in West Java in January last year.

At the time of her disappearance, TribuJatim.com, reported Nining being on holiday with her family at Citepus Beach in Sukabumi.

It was while bathing by the shore that family members saw a large wave came, taking the woman out to sea as they helplessly watched on.

Since being returned to her family, the missing woman’s family members said they never gave up hope of finding Nining alive while acknowledging miracles do happen.

Nining Sunarsih
Pictured Nining Sunarsih family members displaying the same clothes and sandals the woman wearing at the time of being swept out to sea and what she was found wearing at the time of her recovery.

Nining Sunarsih father dreams his daughter returning to the same she’d been swept away from: 

The woman’s discovery reports the dailymail follows Nining’s family returning to the same beach where she’d disappeared only to find the missing woman lying unconscious on the sand in the same clothes as on the night she’d vanished. According to the family, the visit to the beach was prompted by recent dreams Nining’s father had been having.

Upon her discovery, Nining Sunarsih was taken to hospital where doctors said the woman’s vital signs were stable and that the missing woman was now expected to make a full recovery.

Adding intrigue following Nining’s disappeareance, are claims that following the woman being washed out to sea, a search operation being launched. While a body had been discovered, Kompas.com reported DNA tests revealed the body not being that of the missing woman.

At the time the missing woman’s family insisted the badly recovered decomposing body could not be their daughter on account of it lacked a distinctive birthmark on the abdomen, along with the fingernails appearing very different.

Police eventually gave up the search after several days with no sign of life, but her family always believed she would return.

Nining Sunarsih
Nining Sunarsih, Indonesian woman.

Nining Sunarsih Indonesian woman re appears but is unable to speak and answer investigator questions.

Then, last month, Sunarsih’s father began having dreams that she was back on the same beach and waiting to be picked up.

At first he ignored them, but after having the same dream several times he traveled to the beach on Saturday.

The family began searching in the early evening and at first were unsuccessful but discovered Sunarsih around midnight.

She was discovered by her sister – who was one of the people who had watched her disappear.

According to reports Sunarsih was unconscious, fully clothed, and around 500m (1,600ft) from where she initially vanished. Of note the woman had no physical marks or signs of dehydration, wear or tear consistent of having been out to sea, let alone for a year and a half. 

Her family took her home and called medics, who confirmed that she had no major injuries.

She has since regained consciousness and has been able to eat and drink, but is so far unable unwilling to talk – meaning nobody has been able to question her about what happened and where she has been.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident, while urging people to ‘think logically’ about the disappearance and not jump to conclusions.

Told Sukabumi City Police Chief Susatyo Purnomo, ‘It is our duty to look for the facts of this event.

‘We ask people not to be influenced by information that is not yet clear.’

Nining Sunasih
Nining Sunasih, Indonesian woman swept out to sea, on the road to recovery?