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Mason Ohio bored housewife porch thief, ‘how I destroyed my life’

melissa bergman mason ohio
Pictured, Melissa Bergman Mason, Ohio woman. Screen-shot.
melissa bergman mason ohio
Pictured, Melissa Bergman Mason, Ohio woman. Screen-shot.

Melissa Bergman Mason Ohio ex housewife self implosion. How a former army veteran, claiming to be a victim of sexual assault and PTSD lost control of her life. 

A suburban, Mason, Ohio ‘bored’ housewife has told in an exclusive how a two day crime spree last summer which involved her stealing 28 packages from the porches of neighbors led to the destruction of her marriage and the mother of two sentenced to jail.

The tell all via the dailymail follows Melissa Bergman, 30 being convicted last month on 12 of the 28 counts of theft committed between July 27 and 28, 2017.

Provoked by her boredom and other crime sprees (more on that below…) Bergman was sentenced to 180 days in jail and began a 30-day stint in Warren County Jail, Ohio in June, with the remainder of her sentence suspended. She will remain on probation for three years following her release.

In an apology posted on Facebook – a condition of her suspended sentence – the mom of two young children said she did not know why she had done what she did while alluding to a cocktail of psychiatric drugs she had been prescribed following a suicide attempt that landed her in a psych ward just days earlier as instigating factors. 

Explained Bergman who seemingly on the outside had the perfect life,  ‘I had everything anyone could want. I had money, I had a husband, I had kids, I had a nice house but my husband was very controlling.

‘He didn’t want me doing anything other than staying at home and taking care of my children who are two and four.

‘I just felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere.’

melissa bergman mason ohio
Melissa Bergman, Mason Ohio former housewife who had it all….(images via social media).

Melissa Bergman Mason Ohio woman: A victim of prior sexual assaults.

Bergman went onto reveal that she was plagued by flashbacks, anxiety, depression and panic attacks caused by PTSD she claimed was caused by a string of sexual assaults she suffered during her years in the Army.

Told Bergman via the dailymail, ‘I was 17 years old and the drill sergeant at the time took advantage of his position. I did whatever he asked me to do. I did report it and he went to Court Marshall but everything from that night had disappeared – all the evidence, camera footage, everything had been thrown away.’

But according to the former army vet, things got grimmer, claiming she’d been raped on three occasions by three different men and sexually assaulted numerous times during her years of service. She said she is now recognized by the army as ‘100 per cent disabled’ and 80 per cent of that is PTSD.

Files show Bergman being in the army from August 2005 to May 2009 and served in Afghanistan December 2006 to March 2008.

The former army vet received several service medals and ribbons with the dailymail reporting the army would not comment on Bergman’s claims regarding sexual assault or PTSD.

melissa bergman mason ohio
Melissa Bergman Mason Ohio police bookings.

Melissa Bergman Mason Ohio ex housewife: ‘God told me to do it!’

But that’s where matters take a detour. During court deliberations, Bergman had attempted to blame her crime spree on her being insane, with Judge D Andrew Batsche last month throwing out the housewife’s assertions and giving her time. 

According to Bergman, she was prompted by ‘the voice of God telling her to take the packages and give them away to other people.’

But instead of giving said packages away, the bored mom opened the stolen packages, distributed their contents around her home…[and discarded] the packaging in a dumpster a distance away from her residence.

Nevertheless during her tell all with the dailymail the bored housewife who found herself on the receiving end on social media, insisted her faux pas being the result of PTSD and all the medication she was on which ‘messed with’ her mind.

Noted the bored housewife, ‘I’ve never stolen anything from anybody before in my life.’

But the truth is that Bergman has a criminal record. And inevitably her incorrigible ways likely busted her marriage. 

Melissa Bergman, Mason Ohio police bookings (once again).

Melissa Bergman Mason Ohio woman: Career criminal? 

Records indicated Bergman having faced eight criminal charges in North Carolina and other counties. All but one were ultimately dismissed. 

In 2010 Bergman pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison for Grand Larceny in Virginia after she shoplifted goods and then sprayed mace in the face of the loss prevention officer who tried stopping her from getting away.

Matters continued to devolve following last summer’s porch thievery when three months later Bergman stole three credit cards from a man she had picked up in a hotel bar and had sex with.

She pleaded guilty to the more serious felony charges of ID theft and credit card fraud in March and her case was handed over to the Veterans Court.

According to the bored housewife beset with voices in her head from God, on the evening of her credit card fraud, the mom of two had a verbal fight with her husband with the wife saying, ‘My husband turned to me and said, “I hate you, why don’t you go kill yourself?”

Reiterated Bergman via the dailymail, ‘That was the last straw. I left the house and went to check myself into a hotel.’

And that’s when the next set of riveting adventures began….

melissa bergman mason ohio
Melissa Bergman: Her own worse enemy?

Melissa Bergman: ‘But I am the true victim.’ 

Bergman claims meeting two men who invited her back to their room to party. She ended up going with one, she said, because she thought he was gay.

Bergman claims upon sharing her tales of marital woe to the stranger, the man booking her several weeks in a hotel (a charge of $2,658.35) to get away from her husband, handing her three credit cards (why deny a grieving bored housewife with just one card only…?) while allegedly writing down his pin number, and telling the unhinged housewife to ‘get what she needed.’

Bergman claims buying gas and baby clothes on account of her husband refusing to pay for such things.

But that is not the way Bergman’s victim recalled things going down.

Speaking to the dailymail the ‘anonymous’ man said, ‘In my opinion she was very calculated. She was looking for some guy who had drunk too much who she could steal from. That was me.’

And the saying goes, ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes….’

Continued the anonymous man (code word for married?), ‘If she hadn’t been caught that time I have no doubt she would have done it again. I don’t believe this was the first time she had done it and if I hadn’t had limits on my cards she’d have run up a bill of $20,000.’

The victim even speculated if he may have even been ‘roofied’ -when he went back to his room and passed out.

The man claimed being woken by Bergman ‘bursting’ into his room, demanding, ‘I want to f***.’

The man surmised Bergman having ‘genuine psychological’ problems while noting, rather than Bergman booking a hotel with his credit card , she ‘bought a ten-day cruise on Travelocity.’

Told the victim, ‘She was trying to escape.’

Bergman claimed to have spent $300 on baby clothes and gas. Security camera footage shows her strolling the aisles of Walmart piling her shopping cart high with goods including a large flat-screen TV. The bill came to $2,018.79 reported the dailymail. But then again, what’s a few extra nappies here and there?

Bergman nevertheless maintains that she is the true victim while failing to explain why a stranger would go to the trouble of reporting a crime and taking her to court if he had indeed given her permission to use his cards.

The hotel escapade was likely the final straw that broke the camel’s back with Bergman’s husband of five years, Stanley Barre, 32, soon filing for divorce and wanting out on their crumbling marriage.

It is thought the husband has retained sole custody of the couple’s two children with Bergman conceding not having seen her two children for over a month, while saying (never mind the children…) feeling ‘abandoned and let down’. 

Nevertheless the former bored Ohio housewife is keen to move on.

Explained Bergman, ‘I have a home. We’re working on shared custody so I would have the children every other weekend from Friday to Tuesday morning.

‘My goal is to get my certification in fitness and nutrition and one day build my own gym and fitness center.’

While adding, ‘I’ve never been through such a hard point in my life. I lost everything and I’m starting from the ground up. I feel terrible [about stealing the packages] and there’s nothing I can do to take that away but I’m getting the help I need and when I’ve got the 30 days out of the way I’m just going to get on with my life.’ 

And goes the adage, ‘sometimes it’s only when we lose oneself we find the whole world we were looking for in the first place….’

Ohio mom (ex army vet) goes on crime spree cause she was bored, gets ready for jail.

melissa bergman mason ohio
melissa bergman caught on surveillance tape as she went about stealing packages from neighboring homes, July, 2017.