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Downers Grove man pleads guilty to hatchet attack of 80 year old mom

John Flick
Pictured, John Flick
John Flick
Pictured, Downers Grove, Chicago son, John Flick- who confessed to attacking his 80 year old mother with a hatchet. Police bookings.

John Flick a Downers Grove, Chicago man pleads guilty to attacking his 80 year old mother with a hatchet. Domestic violence not confined to spousal abuse.

A Downers Grove, Chicago man has admitted to attacking his 80-year-old mother with a hatchet.

In a news release, the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office cited 58-year-old son, John Flick pleaded guilty Tuesday to one felony count of aggravated domestic battery.

According to the release, Flick attacked his mother at the home he shared with her during Mother’s Day Weekend, (yes the irony is always too palpable) May 13 of last year.

The attack came to the attention of authorities the next day when the woman’s daughter saw the elderly woman’s wounds during a visit and took her an area hospital. The hospital alerted Downers Grove police, who launched an investigation.

On the evening of the attack May 13, authorities told of Flick being out before returning to the home he shared with the woman.

A regard of the family home led to police recovering a hatchet next to the woman’s bed, the prosecutor said.

In exchange for the guilty plea, DuPage County prosecutors dropped two other counts against Flick.

Of note, leading into courtroom deliberations, the chicagotribune reported the son saying he ‘didn’t remember the alleged attack.’ 

Recalled Assistant State’s Attorney Lee Roupas, ‘Flick allegedly said to one of the officers that he “was going to really snap one day and it won’t be good”. 

‘This case is a very disturbing example of how domestic violence is not confined to spousal abuse,’ DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement cited by abc7chicago. ‘The very idea that an individual would attack another with a hatchet, let alone their own mother, is outrageous.’

Flick, who remains in jail, is scheduled to return to court on Aug. 21. He faces a minimum of three to 14 year jail maximum prison sentence.

Not immediately clear is what motivated the attack against the mother and whether there had been prior instances of domestic violence?

John Flick
John Flck Downers Grove, Chicago man- police bookings.