Home Scandal and Gossip Why? Portland driver rams into female pedestrians strikes three (critically injures one)

Why? Portland driver rams into female pedestrians strikes three (critically injures one)

Greg Philip Porter
Pictured, Greg Philip Porter.
Greg Phillip Porter
Pictured, Greg Phillip Porter.

What led to Greg Phillip Porter intentionally ramming into three women at Portland State University? Was gender a motivating factor? 

Greg Phillip Porter a 61 year old Portland, Oregon man has been arrested after ‘intentionally’ ramming into three women walking on a sidewalk, Friday afternoon.

Upon driving into the pedestrians, witnesses told of the driver fleeing the scene at Portland State University campus only to be arrested a few hours later.

The ‘incident’ led to one woman being critically injured reported the Portland Mercury.

Upon his arrest, Porter was booked into Multnomah County jail on several counts, including three counts each of attempted murder and assault FOX12 Oregon reported.

Someone called 911 after spotting a blue SUV that matched the description of the vehicle that struck the women near a light-rail station close to Portland State University, police Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

Police have not yet determined a motive. Not clear was whether Porter had struck the women specifically because of their gender?

Authorities said they were getting a search warrant to seize the car with a crumpled hood and have yet to rule out intoxication, mental health problems or a medical incident as the reason for the crash.

The names of the victims have not been released.

Sgt. Chris Burley said one victim was in critical condition at a hospital and another was in serious condition. The family of the third woman asked that no updates be given about her health.

Police have not said how fast the 2005 Mazda Tribute was traveling or how long it spent on the sidewalk before speeding off.

Greg Phillip Porter a history of delusions:

Witness Christopher Bond said he was standing on the sidewalk when he saw the SUV hit at least two women. He estimated it was traveling about 45 mph.

Bond said he turned to help, and the driver ‘gunned it,’ nearly hitting him.

‘He clearly was trying to stay on the sidewalk, accelerating, trying to get as many people as he could,’ witness John Strong told FOX12 Oregon. ‘The vehicle moved so fast, it’s hard to tell you if it ran over the girls, or if they went up and hit the hood and they flew off.’

Another witness, Kat Caputo said she saw two women lying on the sidewalk and another leaning against a brick wall. Others were shouting that a car had jumped the curb, struck the women and sped away.

One of the women appeared to have serious back injuries, Caputo said.

‘I’m still kind of in shock. If I were two minutes later, that would have been me, or if I had just walked that normal route, that would have been me,’ Caputo said. ‘A lot of people were crying.’

Police cordoned off several blocks around the crash. A green sweater, a pair of sneakers, a pink slipper and one black bike glove lay scattered on the sidewalk near splatters of blood.

The Oregonian reported Porter’s last known address as Secora, a Southeast Portland rehabilitation facility. James Aldred, an administrator at the facility, told the media outlet Porter suffered from delusions.