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Jody Warner idiot Dallas prosecutor fired after threatening Uber driver, ‘Who they going to believe?’

Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor
Pictured, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, Jody Warner. Image via social media.

Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor is fired after threatening Uber driver, Shaun Platt of kidnapping her after abusing her position of authority and lack of ethical behavior. 

Jody Warner a Dallas, Texas prosecutor has been fired after a local Uber driver claimed the lawyer threatening to accuse him of kidnapping her during a drunken rant, telling the man, ‘Who are they going to believe? I’m a district attorney.’

Along with being threatened of having kidnapped her, Shaun Platt, 26 told via the Dallas Morning News of also being slapped and berated by the 32 year old Dallas County Assistant District Attorney as he drove her home late Friday after picking her up at Capitol Pub in Old East Dallas.

Warner appeared intoxicated, according to Platt, who said he started asking her about the upcoming holiday season only to notice ‘something was off’. How off you wonder? Let’s find out…

Matters took a turn for the worse when Warner told Platt to change his GPS-directed route, leading to him getting lost.

‘I said, ‘’Should I make a left up here?’ and she refused to answer me,” explained Platt. ‘She said, ‘’You can follow the [expletive] GPS’’ and she became increasingly angry, even though I was just trying to get her home.’

Warner, a six-year veteran prosecutor working in the district attorney’s crime against children unit, continued chiding Platt before slapping him on the shoulder. From there the Uber driver pulled over, while initially hesitating to call cops, saying he wanted to give Warner a ‘chance’ after she told him she was a district attorney.

Explained the victimized Uber driver, I didn’t want to get her in trouble,’ before eventually demanding Warner to get out.

You know where this is going, don’t you kids?

Warner in turn took exception to Platt, telling the man, he was ‘never going to work again’ and that she ‘knows people,’ according to the Uber driver.

Yes kids, ‘do you know who’s standing behind the velvet rope who you’re not letting in tonight,’ routine.

Added Warner, Who are they going to believe? I’m a district attorney.’

Shall we find out?

Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor
Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor fired: Pictured, Texas Uber driver, Shaun Platt and his nightmare passenger from hell.

Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor: Can I abuse my power and expect to get away with it?

Five minutes later, Platt called 911, with the man recording as he waited for police to respond.

‘Oh my God, you’re going to regret this so much,’ a female passenger is heard saying on the recording obtained by the Dallas Morning News . ‘Just take me home, dude. I just want to go home.’

Platt is heard asking Warner to get out, only to refuse, telling him either to drop her off at her house or to wait for the cops to arrive. The driver says he wants to wait for police.

‘Then we’ll wait for the cops, Jesus Christ, you’re a [expletive] idiot in a stupid [expletive] hat,’ the Dallas prosecutor continues. ‘What a joke. I’ll make sure Uber knows what a [expletive] joke you are.’

Warner then mocks Platt’s use of ‘ma’am,’ telling the Uber driver to ‘shut the [expletive] up’ when he again asked her to exit his vehicle.

‘We’ll wait for the cops then if that’s what you think is appropriate,’ she continued. ‘You don’t just end a ride … Just take me home. Oh my God, you’re an idiot. You are a legitimate retard. What a joke.’

The woman proceeds to tell the driver that ‘everything’s being recorded’ as he continues to ask Warner to just get out of the car. She then claimed she was being kidnapped.

‘I’m an assistant district attorney so shut the [expletive] up,’ Warner is heard saying. ‘You had the opportunity to take me home. I think this might be kidnapping right now, actually.’

All along Platt tells Warner she is free to leave at any time. Instead, the Dallas prosecutor declines, claiming that the driver was ‘recklessly keeping’ her from where she was going.

‘You’re kidnapping me,’ she continued. ‘You’re committing a third- to first-degree felony. So do you want to take me home or do you want to stay here? We can hang out. I’m not scared. It’s cool. I was trying to be nice to you.’

In the aftermath of Friday’s incident, Platt said he was ‘totally afraid’ of being arrested when police arrived. But the cop and Warner, who was ‘let off the hook,’ left in a police car, he told the Dallas Morning News.

‘She said ‘’I’m the DA’ and she said [to the cop], ‘Can I speak with you?’ and he pulled her aside away from me,” reiterated Platt. ‘Then the cop said, ‘You good?’ and I said, ‘I guess so.’ I should’ve said, ‘No, I’m not good.’ It was intimidating. I was intimidated.”

Jody Warner Dallas prosecutor fired: My obligation as a public servant reconsidered.

And come late Monday afternoon, the Dallas District Attorney’s Office released the following announcement courtesy of District Attorney Faith Johnson:

‘After careful consideration and a thorough investigation, I have decided to terminate Ms. Warner. Although criminal charges have not been filed, her behavior is contrary to this office’s core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated.’ 

Adding, ‘As public servants, we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples of justice, professionalism, and ethical behavior both inside and outside of the courtroom. I will not waiver on my expectation of the highest integrity for myself or my staff.’  

Which is to wonder, how many other times, Warner and others in her elk have abused their position of authority, to try to get one over vulnerable members of society, while victimizing and threatening those who refuse to be bullied ….