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Incel misogynist men’s group banned by Reddit

Incel misogynist men’s group banned by Reddit

Incel misogynist men’s group banned by Reddit as the social media outlet takes a staunch view of violent and offensive speech. But at what cost liberty?

A sub-reddit group by the name of Incel which blames women for men’s inability to find dates and their resulting celibacy has been shut down by the social media giant reported the guardian.

The group which offers comfort to other men and ‘support’ prior to its shutdown attracted 40,000 members, with many describing themselves involuntarily celibate, or incel, blaming ‘femoids’ for their failings.

Among the opinions advocated by members were messages of support of rape and sexual violence by males against females.

Staff at Reddit took the decision to ban the community for violation of its house rules as part of their anti-violence crackdown. 

There are numerous examples of popular posts that have appeared in recent months, which would be in breach of social media site’s terms.

Topics for discussion have included “all women are sluts”; “proof that girls are nothing but trash that use men” and “reasons why women are the embodiment of evil”.

Other topics which had come under the radar included discussions of how makeup should be illegal as ‘its only purpose is to lie and deceive men.’

Incel: All women are sluts

Of note, the group’s rules didn’t explicitly ban women from participation.

However, writing in them a group administrator said: ‘Those who continuously claim there are as many female incels in the same situation as male incels will receive a warning and then a ban,’ 

Adding, ‘Most can agree that women can be incel in some rare situations such as extreme disfigurement, but their numbers do not come close to male incels.’ 

The ban came as the high churning social media trafficked outlet updated its site-wide policy to prevent publication of content that ‘encourages, glorifies, incites or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or group of people.’ 

Told a Reddit spokesperson from their San Francisco headquarters: ‘Communities focused on this content and users who post such content will be banned from the site. 

‘As of November 7, r/Incels has been banned for violating this policy.

‘Reddit is the home to some of the most authentic conversations online. 

‘We strive to be a welcoming, open platform for all by trusting our users to maintain an environment that cultivates genuine conversation.’ 

Incel: proof that girls are nothing but trash that use men, recent post

The ban comes after Reddit has banned other controversial sub-reddit groups in the past, which the outlet held defiled its mandates of non coercive or violent behavior rhetoric.

That said, the social media outlet infamous for attracting a cache of viral stampede views, which act as a kind of echo chamber to reinforce particular perceptions or grievances is believed to continue attracting points of views that many would normally find appalling. Through the cloak of anonymity, users’ identity is shielded as they set about behaving or acting or saying things that such echo chambers by their very nature, and reason for their popularity often reinforce.

Which is to also wonder despite how disparaging and offensive most of us would find particular points of views, should an over-riding moderator be allowed to exist clamping down on such content and views? And who defines what counts as violent and inflammatory content and can one argue the internet has at times overstretched its boundaries in engaging ideas and free speech (even derogatory speech) in a bid to coalesce with politically correct sentiments ….?

After all, what’s the adage? If one’s sense of decorum and appeal to proper civic discussion and sharing of ideas and tolerance is offended- just stay away and let all the fascists, misogynists, racists and shamers coalesce as they may….even if society is increasingly beginning to include other controversial groups as personas non gratas.

Incel: proof that girls are nothing but trash that use men, recent post.

That said, reddit is not the only social media outlet reacting to the eclipsing appeal of social media, speech and an ability to reach and interact with a wide audience.

In a bid to ‘crack down’ on what it described as hate speech Facebook said it was stepping up its monitoring of extreme content, which often impinged on ‘safety demands and concerns‘ of Facebooks advertiser clientele. 

The Menlo Park firm added 3,000 content reviewers to nearly double the size of its existing team, Senior Vice President for Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson said in a blog post.

‘As soon as we determine that content has breached our community standards, we remove it,’ she said.

‘With a community as large as Facebook, however, zero tolerance cannot mean zero occurrence.’ 

Which is to wonder, to what degree before all speech and ideas is being judged by a group of moderators as palatable and non coercive? Or should ideas and thoughts be allowed to exist, even in echo chambers, even if almost certainly one could agree the physical playing out of such violent thoughts in society should be meted out with swift appropriate action.