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Simona Zafirovska beats her mother to death with block of wood pretends it was an intruder

Simona Zafirovska
Pictured, Simona Zafirovska and her alleged victim, mother, Radica Zafirovska
Simona Zafirovska
Pictured, Simona Zafirovska and her alleged victim, her mother, Radica Zafirovska

Did Simona Zafirovska a 20 year old Brisbane, Australian woman beat her Macedonian mother to death with a block of wood? 

Simona Zafirovska a 20 year old Brisbane, Australia university student has been accused of beating her mother to death while pretending that her mother’s death was caused by intruders to the family home.

During court testimony, lawyers for the crown told of the aspiring primary school teacher using a block of wood to fatally batter her mother with, only for the daughter to then claim that intruders had broken into the home and killed her mother, 56 year old woman, Radica Zafirovska.

The weapon, a piece of wood was recovered in the daughter’s bedroom. The piece of wood, a timber paling floorboard, told prosecutor Matt Hynes measured nearly one meter long.

The prosecution decried the daughter’s claims of a break in, offering that there would have been ‘absolutely no opportunity’ for an intruder to plant the alleged murder weapon in the accused’s weapon.

A report via the couriermail told of the mother’s bloodied body being found at the family home at The Gap in outer north-west Brisbane on October, 28 after the daughter called emergency dispatch. 

A study of the murder scene led to forensics saying that the mother had been struck no less than 20 times with the block of wood.

The plank was later discovered after prosecutors accused Zafirovska of ‘secreting’ the evidence in her bedroom.

At the time of her emergency call, between 7am and 7.17 am, Zafirovska told the dispatcher that there was one or more intruders in the house.

Argued the crown: ‘She’s telling them that as at 7.15am, police arrive at 7.17am,’

‘There is absolutely no opportunity for someone to have planted what we say is the murder weapon in her room’.

The prosecutor went on to say that police reports said there had been no signs of forced entry or theft and that the daughter’s suggestion that she’d been woken up by barking dogs didn’t corroborate with neighbor’s statements about noise at the time.

The prosecutor also told of police being suspicious when they arrived at the house, with the home appearing to have been ‘staged’ with the front door ajar and Simona looking ‘immaculate’ and her hair was well done despite claims she had just woken.

Simona Zafirovska
Pictured, Simona Zafirovska and her alleged victim, mother, Radica Zafirovska

Of note, police were not able to establish the existence of DNA evidence on Zafirovska or the murder weapon, with the crown arguing that the daughter may have in fact murdered her mother the evening before and had time to clean herself up and dislodge the evidence.

Countering the crown’s claims, Simona Zafirovska’s defense submitted that the 20 year old appeared ‘terrified’ to first responders and could have been hiding under her comforter in fear as someone entered and left her room.

The court heard it couldn’t be ruled out that an intruder had placed the weapon in her room after the killing but before Ms Zafirovska realized there was someone in the home.

An unknown car was also seen leaving the area at about 7am, and a series of documents at the house appeared disturbed after the incident, it was also heard.

Yet to be necessarily understood is why the daughter would have wanted the mother dead and whether her alleged murder at her daughter’s hands was a planned event or the result of a spontaneous incident moments before?

Told the daughter at one point: ‘I had a good relationship with my mother prior to her passing. We never had any arguments, however, due to our Macedonian heritage, we are very loud talkers’.

Nevertheless it had been previously revealed that the daughter was the sole beneficiary of the mother’s will and has since the death of her mother acquired the family house.

Justice Martin Daubney come Tuesday afternoon local time decided to deny the daughter bail as Simona Zafirovska must now enter a plea ahead of her upcoming trial. 

In his reasoning, the justice said he was sceptical that the daughter could have slept through the violent killing as well as also remain sleep when an intruder hid the murder weapon allegedly in her room.

In citing his refusal to deny bail, the justice also cited the daughter’s recents inquiries about traveling to Macedonia, where she also holds citizenship to ‘see a friend’ along with the daughter recently enquiring to borrow a huge sum prior to traveling abroad.