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Who stabbed Fabio Sementilli Big Daddy to death?

Fabio Sementilli
Pictured, Fabio Sementilli. Image via American Salon.
Fabio Sementilli
Pictured, Fabio Sementilli. Image via American Salon.

How did Fabio Sementilli a much beloved professional hairstylist come to be murdered? The victim of a random attack or a targeted man? 

Fabio Sementilli an internationally recognized hairstylist has been beaten and stabbed to death at his upscale Los Angeles home.

Notice of the beauty company executive’s death came after the man’s wife and daughters came across the man sprawled circa 5.45pm, Monday afternoon.

Despite efforts by attending paramedics to revive the man, Sementilli was pronounced dead at the scene.

At the time of his discovery, the 49 year old professional hairdresser and vice president of cosmetic giant Coty, was found with facial injuries and significant blood loss on the patio of his Woodland Hills home.

His vehicle, a 2008 black Porsche Carrerra 911, was also reported missing and is believed to have been be used as a getaway car.

Police have since told they believe two suspects were involved in the man’s murder after breaking into the family home.

Sementilli’s murder came despite the family home at the 5000 block of Queen Victoria Road being heavily protected with a gated entry, home surveillance and night vision security cameras.

While a report via CBS LA told of the neighborhood experiencing a number of burglaries recently, police are investigating whether the man had been specifically targeted.

Following Sementilli’s death, who was affectionately known as ‘Big Daddy’, the beauty consultant was remembered for his love of family and mentoring, with the beauty industry mourning the man’s sudden death.

On Friday, he celebrated the 30 year anniversary of being certified as a hairstylist. 

Wella Hair Care, where he worked as a Vice President of Education, released a statement on Tuesday regarding his death.

It said: ‘The Coty Professional Beauty North America family is devastated to learn we have lost one of our dearest members. Our Vice President of Education, industry icon and incredibly proud hairdresser Fabio Sementilli died tragically January 23. Our thoughts and prayers are with Fabio’s family in the U.S. and Canada.

‘We will be talking with members of our professional family soon to discuss what we can do to honor Fabio’s legacy, but for now our hearts are broken. He will be sorely missed.’ 

Fabio Sementilli
Fabio Sementilli professional hairdresser pictured with his wife, Monica.

A report via the dailymail noted Sementilli pioneering the Hairdressers at Heart scholarship program through Wella Hair Care company, which ‘supports stylists at every phase of their careers’.

Modern Salon posted a tribute saying the stylist had ‘mentored tens of thousands of hairdressers with a hands-on approach either on a one-to-one basis or on a grander scale’.

Their tribute also discussed Sementilli’s humble beginnings in Canada. He had split his time between Toronto and Los Angeles as a successful stylist.

In a profile by American Salon posted in June 2015, the artist discussed how he would like to be remembered personally and professionally.  

He said: ‘I always say I want to be remembered for the relationships I’ve built.

‘I want to be remembered for, maybe, how I’ve made people feel, in a positive light.

‘And if it was negative for any reason it’s because I was honest. 

‘I hope that’s what I’m remembered for. Family, my friendships, my real close friendships.

‘And I think the third is for me all the stylists that I’ve touched in my life. 

‘I’ve traveled the world an I’ve been so fortunate, and I don’t deserve any of this, but the stylists I have touched over my life has been so rewarding.

‘I hope they also remember that maybe I gave them a hand or a leg up or maybe some good advice.’

Fabio Sementilli
Pictured, the Woodland Hills residence where Fabio Sementilli was murdered.
Fabio Sementilli
Pictured, Fabio Sementilli. Images via Facebook.
Fabio Sementilli
PIctured, Fabio Sementilli at work.