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Did Ladykocaine kill Kendra Childs in East Houston drive by shooting?

Kendra Childs
Kendra Childs. Images via social media.
Kendra Childs
Murdered in an east Houston drive by shooting was Kendra Childs (pictured via twitter).

Who shot Kendra Childs dead in an East Houston drive by shooting? Social media eyes account holder Linglingbaby, aka ladykocaine as person of interest.

Texas authorities have yet to arrest the individual(s) responsible in the drive by shooting and murder of 19 year old woman, Kendra Childs whilst inside her second story east Houston apartment midday, Tuesday, September 13th.

Notice of the teen mother’s death came after a resident of the apartment found his girlfriend dead in a bedroom of the apartment they shared.

Circa 12.15pm Sgt. Mark Holbrook, of HPD’s Homicide Division, told of receiving a 911 call of a shooting that had occurred in the 5300 block of South Lake Houston Parkway.

According to the houstonchronicle, witnesses told of someone in a  newer-model, black Chevrolet Camaro with standard rims and tinted windows firing multiple rounds into the apartment.

Police told at the time of the shooting, Lee Kendra Childs’ two year old daughter was not in the apartment.

Kendra Childs
Kendra Childs. Images via social media.

A report via abc13 said that the shooter did not go into the apartment building, but knew to aim directly at a second-story unit. Police said that they later found a black Camaro, but they did not say if it was the one linked to the shooting.

Kendra Child’s death in the ensuing hours led to calls for justice, with the following rising hashtag, #RIPKendra. Implicated in Kendra Childs’ murder was an ex girlfriend of Childs’ live in boyfriend.

Addressing questions of who or why Kendra Childs came to be targeted, Angel Woodward said her cousin didn’t have an issue with anyone.

She told of her cousin working as a cashier at Walmart, while describing the deceased woman as ‘amazing.’

Adding, ‘She lit up the room and was one of a kind. She would do anything for her daughter.’

Tragically, Kendra Childs’ shooting death came a day ahead of what would have been her 20th birthday.

Clues as to why Childs was gunned down came in the form of ensuing social media posts hours after her shooting death.

Screenshots making the round on Twitter showed a jealous ex girlfriend of the victim’s boyfriend, going by the Twitter user named Linglingbaby, who uses the handle @__ladykocaine purportedly plotting her ex’s new lover’s death for over a year.

One of the alleged tweets from the ex-girlfriend’s account included her threatening to kill a woman who had been messing with her man:

‘’I think I’m really evil enough to eat a mf alive! Like bitch idgaf about you…I’ll real life kill you and eat you bitch. Fuck you?’’

In another ominous tweet, the girl says that the woman she has a problem with ‘won’t be around for too long’.
She allegedly wrote that she is going to kill people.
Posted the ex girlfriend: ‘My plan is to plot for a year. And I’m gone kill them people: Idgaf if the po see this’
Along with, ‘Nothing makes me mad about a bitch saying she was.’
One of the most recent tweets in her page posted on the day of the shooting is a retweet from another user and reads: ‘I got something on my mind and I need to get to the bottom Ov it’

Along with ‘Thank you God for waking me and my family up this morning! I hope we all have a productive day’.

Facebook user Quoyaa Taylor is also accusing Linglingbaby aka ladykocaine of being involved in the murder. In a lengthy post on Facebook, she asked:‘How do you kill somebody this pretty behind a nigga. You shot her dead in her head, dick is not that serious for you to be sitting behind bars, because that nigga not gone write you.. Yo she was real life plotting on this girl…jealousy is crazy thing man the hate be so real’

To date Houston cops have told of not ascertaining a motive as attempts are made to interview the individual behind the Ladykocaine account.

Meanwhile screenshot of Ling in front of what looks like a black car that looks like the one described by witnesses has also gone around social media.