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‘I couldn’t handle being a dad’ Nathan Weitzel crashes car in bid to kill 2 year old son

Nathan Weitzel
Pictured, Isaiah Weitzel
Nathan Weitzel
Pictured, Isaiah Weitzel

What led to Nathan Weitzel wanting to kill his own two year old son? How did one father come to feel he wasn’t man enough for the role of being a dad?

Nathan Weitzel a 29 year old Arapahoe County, Colorado dad has admitted crashing his car with his 2 year old toddler son alongside him because he couldn’t handle the pressure of being a father.

The admission has led to Weitzel now facing attempted murder charges after staging a car crash which saw the forlorn father deliberately driving into several cars at a speed of 75 miles per hour in a bid to kill the boy.

At the time, the man’s toddler son was sitting with him with his seatbelt left unbuckled.

While Isaiah Weitzel, survived the crash, the boy has now been left immobilized as half his body remains in a cast with the child’s ability to move severely hampered.

A report via KHOU also tells of the father admitting that on the day of the crash to using cocaine.

Since his arrest, the father faces a litany of criminal charges, including attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, assault, criminal mischief, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular assault.

Not necessarily understood is what pressures the father specifically struggled with and whether he had sought assistance in resolving his apprehensions?

Told an investigator: ‘The reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child.’

The crash occurred just before noon on August 21.

According to court records, Weitzel entered the car with his son and fastened his own safety belt, though he neglected to do the same for Isaiah so as to increase the likelihood that he would die.

‘I was trying to kill my son,’ Nathan Weitzel told police.

He drove with his son to a nearby park.

Told court records: While he was at the park letting Isaiah play he sat in the park and thought of a way to kill his son,’

‘Nathan said he left the park [and] he drove around looking for a good place to crash the car and kill his son.’

Witnesses at the scene of the crash rushed to attend to the injured boy.

‘I pulled the window off, and I pulled the door open, my neighbor got him out of the car and put him on the ground,’ said Sam Schulte.

The crash is reported to have happened in the front yard of a local resident. When the resident’s next door neighbor dialed 911, she saw Weitzel ‘hitting the child … it looked like an elbow. It was horrifying.’

Nathan Weitzel
Pictured from left to right, Natalie Lopez, Nathan Weitzel and their son, Isaiah.

The incident comes after reports of Isaiah’s parents being separated. His mother, Nancy Lopez, cared for him on weekdays, and on weekends the child was under the guardianship of his father.

‘He’s in the place that he should be,’ Lopez said of her former spouse. ‘He needs to be in jail for a long time.’

Lopez said that it will take two months for Isaiah, who spent days in Children’s Hospital Colorado, to regain his ability to walk.

Told the mother via 9NEWS: ‘He’s a really caring boy,’

‘He’s really compassionate with other kids.’

Adding: ‘I don’t understand why or how he could do something like this, but I’m hoping Isaiah recovers soon people pray for us and for my son to get better.’

A crowdfunding drive has been started on GoFundMe in order to help pay for Isaiah’s treatments. 

Nathan Weitzel

Nathan Weitzel

Nathan Weitzel

Nathan Weitzel

Nathan Weitzel

Nathan Weitzel