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Why? Matthew Desha shoots Deborah Pearl after car crash

Matthew Desha
Matthew Desha
Pictured, Matthew Desha

Why did Matthew Desha shoot dead Deborah Pearl after a car accident? Was the shooting racially premeditated? Community stunned as motive unknown.

Matthew Desha a 29 year old North Ridgeville, Ohio man has been arrested after shooting and killing 53 year old Twinsburg woman, Deborah Pearl after a two car collision over the weekend.

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Solon and Richmond roads after the drivers collided into each other, Saturday morning circa 7.20 am.

At the time of the accident, Deborah Pearl, was on her way to work at nearby dealership, Harley Davidson when Desha ran a red light at the intersection and hit Pearl’s Ford Tauras with his Jeep.

The crash led to Matthew Ryan Desha’s vehicle flipping while Pearl’s automobile was pushed into the intersection.

Matthew Desha

But what happened next defies expectation and logical understanding.

As Deborah Pearl, a mother of three grown children, got out of her car to assess the situation, Matthew Desha grabbed a 5.5 millimeter high powered assault rifle.

According to witnesses, Pearl then proceeded to put her hands in the air in attempt to save her life from the armed stranger who had narrowly avoided killing them both in the crash just seconds earlier.

Inexplicably, Matthew Desha according to witnesses proceeded to fire off at least 12 shots.

At first, the shots appeared to be random, with Deborah Pearl screaming as Desha then cocked his rifle and started aiming at the woman.

While police have yet to tell how many times the woman was hit, arriving cops found her lying mortally wounded and bleeding by the passenger side of her vehicle.

Appearing in court Monday morning, Matthew Desha was formally charged with the murder of Deborah Pearl. He was remanded in lieu of $1 million bond.

Why Matthew Ryan Desha went on a shooting spree is yet to be necessarily understood with police declining to mention a motive for the brutal murder.

Solon police say there is no known connection between Desha and Pearl, apart from the traffic crash.

The shooting comes after Matthew Desha was booked in June with one felony count of carrying a concealed weapon and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

A search of the North Ridgeville, Ohio, man’s car turned up a loaded 9 mm handgun and three additional loaded magazines, along with straws with suspected drug residue and other contraband.

Of note, a report via WEWS-TV tells of Desha being accused of fleeing the scene of a drunken driving crash in 2007 in North Carolina.

A report via WJW-TV describes Matthew Desha serving as a mortar man with the U.S. Marine Corps and twice deployed to Iraq.

The incident has led to family and friends saying Deborah Pearl’s shooting death was racially motivated.

Matthew Desha

Matthew Desha
Pictured, Deborah Pearl.
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  • Cpt_Justice

    For once, I think it’s PSTD, rather than race or misogyny.

  • Falcon

    Oy Vey

  • RC

    Guns, white rage and racial hatred. That simple. This doesn’t defy logic or understanding. This shit is the foundation of America. All that melting pot bullshit and post-racial fantasies that we believe in is just a game. All in the name of making America great again. People wake up!

  • Seems likely that a crazy druggy would have shot anyone he happened to run down. And wouldn’t it be nice if the reporter learned what an “assault rifle” is?

  • Wil Ferch

    Sad and terrible story….but from the gun angle…..no such thing as a 5.5mm rifle…..media again gets it wrong but feels compelled to state something they have absolutely no knowledge about.

  • Guest 3

    Please tell the rest of the story…how was he apprehended, did he put the weapon down and surrender? Or did he run or resist arrest?