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John Cramsey, Dean Smith, Kimberly Arendt were on vigilante mission to save heroin addicted teen

John Cramsey
Pictured en route to rescue mission, John Cramsey,
John Cramsey
Pictured, John Cramsey via facebook.

How John Cramsey a self described vigilante along with two cohorts were arrested as they set out with heavy weapons to rescue a teen from a NYC drug den.

It has been revealed John Cramsey, 50 a gun shop owner and companions, Dean Smith, 52, a photo journalist, and Kimberly Arendt, 29, were on a ‘vigilante style rescue’ mission to save a heroin addicted teen from a drug den when they were pulled over Tuesday morning at New York’s Holland Tunnel.

At the time, the trio were found to be in possession of a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition, stoking the concerns of authorities. Do you suppose?

The trio according to NBC had just left Pennsylvania en route to NYC’s Bedford-Stuyvesant when authorities pulled over the vehicle John Cramsey, a self described rebel and his cohorts were traveling in, after noticing cracks along their pick-up truck’s windshield.

Yet upon an examination of the ute, shocked traffic officers, according to a report via the nydailynews found a variety of weapons and ammunition, including multiple loaded guns, rifles, ballistic vest and a camouflage helmet at the back of the truck. 

The cache’s discovery came after Officer John Basil spotted a loaded .45-cal semiautomatic on the front seat after requesting Cramsey to get out of the vehicle.

The vehicle it was later reported was most likely also stopped as the truck was observed to be decorated with anti-drug dealer and pro-gun logos and banners from John Cramsey’s gun store business, Higher Ground Tactical.

To date the trio were booked on gun charges, with more charges pending further investigation.

Bizarrely, thirty minutes prior to the trio’s arrests, Cramsey, who owns Higher Ground Tactical in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, posted on the company’s Facebook page about rescuing 16-year-old girl, Janaee Patterson, a Wilkes Barre girl in NYC.

In a post, which appeared on public face group, anti heroin group, Enough is Enough, John Cramsey told of the teen girl, that the trio had sought to rescue was ’scared’ and ‘wanted to go home.’

Told the message in part:  ‘I’m currently 11 miles outside of Brooklyn New York and going to a hotel to extract a 16 year old girl who went up there to Party with a few friends. One of those friends she went up there with will not be returning . This young lady from Wilkes Barre is scared and wants to come home. Last night she woke to find her friends body next to her in the same bed were her friend died of another heroin overdose. The Child named Janaee Patterson and she is from the Wilkes Barre area.’

Cramsey added that he has yet to receive a response from the girl’s mother and brother and that he would be bringing the girl along with ‘anybody else in that hotel that wants to go home too’ to New York City after the rescue.

John Cramsey
Pictured en route to rescue mission, John Cramsey, Kimberly Arendt and Dean Smith.
John Cramsey
Pictured possibly the teen Cramsey sought to save, or Janaee Patterson a victim of a heroin overdose?

According to a report via mcall, Tuesday’s Holland Tunnel mission was not the first time that John Cramsey and his companions orchestrated rescue missions.

He has attended numerous town hall meetings across the Lehigh Valley in recent months to voice concern over the heroin epidemic in the area, calling for authorities to do more to punish drug dealers.

Cramsey was motivated to do a series of rescue missions in recent months, following the death of his own daughter from a heroin overdose back in February. The arrest coincided with the four month anniversary of Alexandria Cramsey‘s death.

Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Cramsey was a 20-year-old professional model who worked for three various agencies in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Mexico. Her 22-year-old boyfriend also died of a heroin overdose.

In the hours after the arrest, a friend, Michael McKenna wrote on Facebook that Dean Smith and John Cramsey were still in Port Authority lockup in Union, New Jersey, and would be moved to Hudson County later Tuesday night.

McKenna said Smith went on the trip as a photojournalist and denied reports that anyone in the truck was high, saying they are against drugs. Of question was whether Arendt, who also goes by the name Kimberly Walker, remains in custody.

Authorities said they don’t believe the group is connected to terrorism, with the NYPD Counter-Terrorism tweeting Tuesday that they are monitoring the situation.

‘They may be self-styled vigilantes,’ a source said, though officials could not confirm that late Tuesday.

Since the trio’s arrest, further charges are expected to be filed, yet not necessarily understood is what charges authorities may seek to file, after initial concerns of a possible terrorist mission.

John Cramsey

John Cramsey

John Cramsey

John Cramsey
Pictured, John Cramsey daughter, Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Cramsey.

John Cramsey

  • Grendel99

    @naksuthin –
    That sure is a lot of conjecture.

    They were sent by the girl’s family; She probably did/said things that led the parents to be concerned that she was being held against her will. If she told them that she wanted to stay at the drug house after they arrived then they would have cancelled their rescue attempt.
    They said that they would also give a ride out to anyone else who wished to leave with them. It is obvious that they were not looking to kidnap anyone, and they were not looking for a fight; They were just prepared for the worst scenario that they might run into. They were just following the Boy Scouts motto to “be prepared”.

    Since he is an FFL licensed firearms dealer, he possessed the guns legally. So a bunch of inflated ego cops, standing around a tunnel entrance, decided to pick on a group of people who WERE trying to do something positive.

    The gun laws in NY State are corrupt and unconstitutional. The NY “Safe Act” law had been written some time ago, but to pass it into law governor Cuomo needed a “crisis”, that he “wouldn’t let go to waste”. The day after the Sandy Hook shootings he convened an “emergency session” of the legislature, at 11:30 at night, and they rammed the law through in just 20 minutes. The good citizens of NY state learned about the attack on their rights the next day. The law was so poorly written that it has had to be modified numerous times.

    The sleaze bags who committed this crime of government have now been exposed for who they are, but the law is still on the books. Sheldon Silver, the long-time head of the NY state senate, is now in federal prison serving a 21 year sentence for selling the power of his position for over $3 million. Since he is over 70 years old we can only hope that he dies in prison. Dean Skelos, the head of the NY state assembly, and his son, is also in federal prison for selling the power of his office (his son received the payments). These white collar thugs were originally incriminated by the NY state Moreland Commission on corruption. When the trail of corruption then started to lead towards governor Cuomo, he immediately disbanded the Moreland Commission because they were hot on the trail following his stench of corruption.
    Therefore, the people stopped in their car were not committing a crime, they were trying to do a good deed, and they were stopped by operatives of a corrupt government.

    The “Safe Act” makes it legal for members of law enforcement to own semiauto rifles and large capacity magazines at home, while the citizens are not. It was one of those ‘modifications’ that had to be made to the law; otherwise the state police union said that they would not enforce the law. It is the same as saying that the police can smoke marijuana but The People can’t. So much for equality under the law.
    I also know first hand that police will lie and steal.

    So naksuthin, the sensationalization of things like this traffic stop is meant to skew people’s understanding of the law, and to use hyped up fear to provide cover for a corrupt government that is trying to create an imbalance of power between The People and their government. It is a gradual process like the classic “boiling a frog”. The heat is gradually being turned up on you too, but it is slow enough that you don’t percieve it. Lenin called such people as would unwittingly speak against their own self-interest “useful idiots”. Enjoy your usefulness as the water around you starts to bubble.

  • naksuthin

    News resports say that “Police sources told The Post that when they found the young woman who
    was the subject of Cramsey’s hunt, she didn’t want help, saying “I don’t
    need to be rescued.””

    is just another example of gun owners thinking they can use guns to
    deputize themselves and do the job that law enforcement is trained to
    These gun nuts were getting ready to get involved in a wild west
    shootout to “rescue” someone who didn’t even want to be “rescued”

    It’s time we put an end to this freewheeeling ,misuse of guns.

    people are arming themselves because they live in a twisted world where
    everyone is the enemy and everyone is “out to get them”

    idiots should have just called the cops and let them cops interview the
    woman who DIDN’T WANT TO BE RESCUED.;.instead of taking the law into
    their own hands.

    That’s how lynchings get started