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‘I’m invincible’ Alex Lagowitz, Merrill Lynch analyst falls to his death eating magic mushrooms

Alex Lagowitz
Pictured Alex Lagowitz via twitter.
Alex Lagowitz
Pictured, Alex Lagowitz. Images via facebook.

What led to Alex Lagowitz a Merrill Lynch banker falling to his death after ingesting magic mushrooms? Accident or by design? 

Alex Lagowitz a 23 year old Merrill Lynch banker has fallen to his death from his 26th floor Manhattan apartment after eating a handful of magic mushrooms Sunday morning.

A police report told the Merrill Lynch analyst being found dead on a third floor, outdoor patio around 10 a.m. — directly below his bedroom window at Windsor Court on East 31st Street and Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill.

Of question is if Alex Lagowitz purposely jumped or lost his balance before falling out of the window.

Notes druginfo: Hallucinogens, which include magic mushrooms, also known as ‘psychedelics’ can make a person see, hear, smell, feel or taste things that aren’t really there or are different from how they are in reality.

Some plants such as magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations. Hallucinogens such as LSD can also be made in a lab.

Alex Lagowitz

According to a report via the nypost, sources said that Lagowitz, who is from Livingston, NJ, and was a star golfer on the Colgate University team, took four grams of the drug.

His roommate, Max Kaplan, 22, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance for the remaining mushrooms found inside the apartment. It is understood Kaplan shared the apartment that Lagowitz jumped from.

Lagowitz, a credit trading analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch since June 2015, went to the Super Bowl in February with his dad, according to his Facebook page.

Not necessarily understood is if the Merrill Lynch analyst had previously digested magic mushrooms before or had ‘experimented’ with other hallucinogens substances?

Alex Lagowitz
Pictured Alex Lagowitz with his father.

Alex Lagowitz

Alex Lagowitz
Pictured Alex Lagowitz via twitter.
Alex Lagowitz
The East 31st and Lexington building where Alex Lagowitz lived with Max Kaplan.
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  • M S

    4 gm is definitely the wrong dose…best go lower, around 2 gm, or go all out at 6.5 gm. He chose just about the worst dose you can take…other than none of course.

  • big sirus

    Mark- I couldn’t agree more. This guy is an insensitive idiot. I wonder if it was his family if it would be written the same way.. Sad how some people make a buck..

  • GW

    What tough questions did you ask? You frames the article in a way that suggests things that may or
    may not be the case. I’ve never been to your site before and after reading your “investigative” article, I never will again.

  • Mark Hoho

    There’s nothing wrong with the questions you pose in this article. I agree, they address tough questions the readers want to know. There is something wrong about labeling the subject as “I’m Invincible” Alex Lagowitz and a “Banker”. I’m not here to change how you write your articles, because that would be fucking useless. Just when I see shit that’s this insensitive and unoriginal, I feel a moral obligation to say something. Putting a few links on this article does not help us answers the questions. The answers will reveal themselves with time, not by some wannabe blogger showing us wikipedia articles.

    Enjoy the revenue you gained from “Asking the tough questions that readers want to know.” A more humble way to make a living is creating work that is original, rather than regurgitating “questions” introduced from other news sources.

  • Mark, point taken. But let’s take a step back. All I did was raise questions, questions that immediately came to mind upon discovering the misfortune this young man’s family has had to endure. Questions that most of us are probably wondering about, but are reluctant to ask, save for agents of the press. I could’ve written a gentle soothing pr piece, but i am not a publicist and i did make sure to link to a study of hallucinogens that describes effects on users. Let’s be honest, was this young man using mushrooms, if so how often and how did this banker’s use of magic mushrooms escalate to 4 grams (hardly the novice) ? Sorry, the press has to ask the tough questions that readers want to know. – Christopher.

  • Xenu Warrior God

    There was an opening scene in an episode of “Six Feet Under” on HBO where a young guy died the exact same way (taking a running leap off of a tall building while high on mushrooms thinking he could fly).

  • Mark Hoho

    Dear Chris,

    Honestly, this is one of the most insensitive articles I have ever read in my life. You should be ashamed at this ruthless attempt to turn heads and get viewers to look at your page. Perhaps you could gain popularity in this business by reporting the news in an honest manner, rather than putting a selfish spin on it. If you’re going to put a spin on the news, at least be somewhat creative and thoughtful of those who are familiar with the subjects you write about. Anyone can copy what the New York Post says. To you this subject may be a “Banker” and an “invincible” person, but to others this subject is a family member, friend, teammate, etc.

    From the bottom of my heart, you should be ashamed of yourself with how you bring this tragic event to the public. It is not about the content of the article, but rather your self-centered ego that this is attempting to fill. Seriously reconsider your mission as a writer (or whatever you consider yourself ). Turn heads by being creative and original, not by being incentive.


  • William Carter

    friends have made his Wiki in memory, rest easy brother