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Jasmine Riley: Why did Maroubra Sydney mom jump off cliff with her baby?

Jasmine Riley
Jasmine Riley
Pictured Jasmine Riley and son Braxon. Images via facebook.

Jasmine Riley: What was the moment that led to one Maroubra Sydney mother losing all hope and deciding to take her life along with her toddler son’s?

Jasmine Mossman-Riley a Maroubra Sydney mother has left behind a Facebook suicide note prior to jumping to her death along with her toddler son in her arms.

Recovery of the bodies of the 25 year old Maroubra mother and her two year old son, Braxon came late Thursday night after the mother plunged to her death along with her son at the popular beach side cliff precipice.

Wrote the mother, also known as Jay Riley in a Facebook note prior to taking her life and that of her baby son: ‘This will come as a shock to most people because I’m always happy and smiling, it’s funny that you can hide behind a smile,’

Added Jasmine Riley: ‘Don’t call me a coward. Anyone who knows how petrified of heights I am knows that this jump was the bravest thing I’ve ever done’ 

‘Today’s my dad’s birthday and he died on good friday (sic) which happens to be tomorrow and I can’t wait to see him on the other side and wish him a happy birthday.’

‘Goodbye all, I wish u all the best and I love u.’

Jasmine Riley

Included in her post, the young East Sydney mother and noted horse trainer and riding coaching at Equestrian Australia wrote of having developed post traumatic stress after the break up of a past relationship.

‘Iv (sic) slowly lost parts of me that have never came back. Thi6s (sic) would come as shock to most people because I’m always happy and smiling. Its funny what u can hide behind a smile,‘ she wrote

News of the mother and son’s death led to an avalanche of sympathy on social media.

Wrote one Facebook user: ‘For those that remember Jasmine and Her son Brax with the catahoula fancy. We got Wuppy from her. May you rest in peace,’

Wrote another: ‘that is terrible, I feel so much for that poor lady’.

‘Incredible how people who are hurting so much on the inside can look so positive and happy on the outside,’ wrote another.

Police were called to a cliff face at Lurline Bay, near Maroubra Beach, following concerns for the welfare of a mother and a young boy at 8.30pm on Thursday.

The call in the end came too late.

Officers discovered the bodies of a woman and toddler with the help of surf lifesavers, while telling there were ‘no apparent suspicious circumstances’.

Calls to the area also came after local teenagers also told of seeing a woman and a baby by the cliff’s edge.

Police said investigations are continuing, but no one else is being sought in relation to the incident.

A report is being prepared for the Coroner.

Jasmine Riley

A report via Australia‘s yahoo tells of Jasmine Riley’s cousin Beau Bonning remembering her as a champion bull rider, while telling she loved Braxon more than anything.

Offered the cousin: ‘That’s what kept her going for so long.’

He said Jasmine had struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder, and was a victim of domestic violence.

‘Speak up to it, don’t take it no more cause it takes toll on people and leaves devastating results,’ he said.

A sobering report via the dailytelegraph described the mother as a tough woman who lost hope. Why exactly Jasmine Mossman-Riley lost hope will perhaps never exactly be known, or for that matter why she chose to jump with her son in tow…?

Jasmine Riley

Jasmine Riley

Jasmine Riley

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  • Nicholas Hogarth

    Maybe she thought she was protecting the child from him? Im not excusing the fact of her taking her childs life ,i also think in the case the man who drove the car into the lake with the kids the mental health system failed repeatedly.. you would have to be in a pretty messed up state to do what she done… another question puzzles me too where is the father and is he being investigated for dv allegations or not??? And if he is guilty he should be charged with two counts of murder…..

  • It’s interesting how tepid the mainstream media has been about the double murder. Just an anguished soul. Ok. But why take the child with you? Or was that Jasmine’s way of punishing the man/the father who broke her heart ….???

  • TruthTalker9

    The sexism is ridiculous, if this was a man who killed his son he would be receiving nothing but fury in the media, but because she is a woman the focus is on her mental issues?

    No! This woman is a murderer, what she did is despicable and she deserves to rot! She killed a child for gods sake NOTHING excuses that!

    If you have depression or PTSD or any other mental problems that doesn’t make you any less of an evil person when you take an innocent kids life away. There’s excuse for what she did: cold blooded murder.