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Marvin Jacob Lee kills Jefferson Heavner after stopping to help stranded driver

Marvin Jacob Lee
What prompted one stranded motorist, Marvin Jacob Lee to kill an individual who had come to his aid?
Marvin Jacob Lee
What prompted one stranded motorist, Marvin Jacob Lee to kill an individual who had come to his aid? Pictured from left to right, Marvin Jacob Lee and his victim Jefferson Heavner.

Marvin Jacob Lee, 27 has been charged with murder after shooting dead passing motorist, Jefferson Heavner who had sought to assist the man who had become stranded after his car spun out of control along a North Carolina road.

The charge against the ‘belligerent’ man comes after cops telling Lee struck Heavner once before standing over him and shooting him numerous times.

Jefferson Heavner’s death comes after the Good Samaritan was one of a group of people, including neighbors and a passing truck, who went to help when they saw a car spin out and become stuck on a Catawba County road around 5.20pm amidst the grips of winter snow storm Jonas. 

To the group’s surprise, Lee began to become belligerent, leading to the group deciding to call for police for assistance, told a statement via Sheriff Coy Reid.

‘They thought he was drunk or on dope and said “Let’s just call the law and let them deal with it'”, Reid told The Charlotte Observer.

Marvin Jacob Lee

Marvin Jacob Lee

Matters escalated when Lee heard the party calling cops, presumably vexed that they would arrest him for drink driving when he took out an automatic pistol and began shooting at the group, who tried to run away.

Police said Lee returned to his car, which was still stuck, after he struck Heavner once and then shot him again multiple times.

Officers arrived on the scene and demanded Lee to get out of the car. When he didn’t, a SWAT team arrived and found that he was passed out, according to Reid.

Lee woke up as he was being physically pulled out of the car by SWAT members and tried to resist, Reid said.

Responding to the death of Heavner, the man’s family took to social media to express their shock and heartbreak at the father’s untimely death.

The shooting death has since led to an avalanche of respondents commenting on whether they would still help a stranded motorist in the future, the ease of acquiring guns in the United States and the lack of laws to quell the practice with others pointing out a one in a million misfortune of running into someone who would dare to kill another individual who came to their aid. Which is to wonder about the notion of altruism which holds a society prevails when its members act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to themselves….

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  • Selina Kerner

    That’s true. I’m deeply saddened when I think about all those victims and their grieving loved ones. It makes me sick to be honest.

  • Selina Kerner

    David Bruce Lucas, on the spot!

  • David Bruce Lucas

    Just think, if we didn’t have cars this never would have happened along with the thousands of other senseless deaths due to the automobile.

  • waiyan

    The pictures of the victim and killer are reversed. That’s very demeaning for the victim that died.

  • danny k

    How to take away guns? Let’s see how Australia did it: http://www.slate.com/blogs/crime/2012/12/16/gun_control_after_connecticut_shooting_could_australia_s_laws_provide_a.html. The outcome? no mass shootings since the program went into effect. imagine that…less guns = less gun killings. This isn’t the Wild West anymore (but some of us want it to be)…I am for a world where we aren’t scared to help our neighbors. How about you?

  • Ih2puo

    Mind your own business and don’t call the cops on anyone.

  • Anna Conner

    g r a m m a r

  • Anna Conner

    The ease of acquiring guns.. Who wrote this is an idiot. IF that man did not suffer from any mental illness and passed the background check after the waiting period. If he had a Criminal background he know right where to buy guns. You think all these new feel good gun laws are going to stop anything. Guess what they don’t, We don’t even hardly enforce the laws that we have now. Well all i can say is buddy if you was next door neighbor i and someone had you at gun point i’ll be nice enough to call your next of kin, because i’m sure as hell not going to help some anti gun lover who thinks just cause a cop has a gun he will be there to save his weak pathetic arse.

  • Snooman

    It wouldn’t hurt to lay off the booze and drugs either.

  • NightInk

    More laws will not stop people from killing each other. This is horrible. If this criminal is not afraid to break the law of cold blooded murder then he would not blink twice to break a gun law. We need to protect ourselves and our rights. What a shame. People like this criminal are the problem. Our judicial system apparently does not prevent violent behavior. Cold blooded murder should be punished with a fast trial and execution. One of the problems with our judicial system is prisons for profit.

  • K. M.

    He must’ve been mentally ill, right? -_- just like Herschel Jones, Barry Loukaitis, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, T. J. Lane, especially Dylan Roof…

  • ryan grossaint

    And fuck Linfield college for their bullshit ad

  • ryan grossaint

    Can’t get this fucking ad off the fucking screen, can’t see what I’m fucking typing. Fuck this site, and who ever wrote this needs to learn spellchecker and fucking grammer!!!!!!!

  • Joseph
  • Pat_Shackleford

    yeah, that’s probably it. I was wondering about the absence of the height lines. Thanks for correcting me on that.

  • Doodle

    Drunk driving is an epidemic. The mental health of the population is so ill willed that we the people are the victims. It is not the weapon, it is what is in these people’s minds. Mental health has got to become a priority in this country. Violence is escalating. Movies reflect more violence. The direction of people’s minds are towards evil. Wake up people. We need God.

  • thisisfutile

    One could be the driver license photo. I know mine looks that “criminal”.

  • thisisfutile

    So, how do you take away the guns, genius? While you’re at it, take away the 1st amendment and now you, yourself will be threatened with violations of the same level because you just spoke your mind. Did you know murder is outlawed? How could this possibly happen if murder is outlawed?

  • chukobuk

    Of all the ignominious ways to befall an end, this has to be one of the most humiliating and senseless. Remove the gun and Mr. Heavner would still be alive, and Mr. Lee would only be spending the night in jail. Why people put up with the continued slaughter of thousands of good innocent people every year for no good reason is the toubling story here. What a senseless waste for nothing.

  • Pat_Shackleford

    The caption under the top photo mis-identifies the victim and shooter. The victim is on the left, and the shooter, Marvin Jacob Lee, is on the right in what appears to be his mugshot.

  • Samerica

    there a enough gun laws and even though this incident occurred I would NOT
    give the govt more power and laws to take guns out of law abiding citizens
    hands! and I don’t even own a gun! the media and govt officials only use
    this like all these ‘crisis’ they make up to make more laws to run our lives!
    yes this was a horrible thing especially for the family and in cases like this
    just FRY THE KILLER! and no appeals over and over and let them live
    in prison with cable TV and interviews and become famous for their crimes.

  • Brian Patronie

    If this doesn`t get the murderer the chair ( upon conviction) then I don`t know what should in North Carolina…