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Crazed Aer Lingus Passenger bites passenger then dies. Drugs arrest made

Aer Lingus Passenger bites passenger then dies
Was an incident on an Aer Lingus passenger plane drugs related?

A 24 year old agitated Aer Lingus passenger has died after biting a passenger aboard a Dublin bound flight from Lisbon.

The passenger a Brazilian reportedly bit another man at the back of a packed Aer Lingus flight after running amok where he then upon fell unconscious after flight crew subdued him after having become ‘extremely violent’, the Irish Times reported.

Aer Lingus Brazilian drug mule had $62K coke inside stomach before it exploded

The aircraft’s pilots diverted the flight to Cork, which is about 160 miles southwest of the Irish capital, for a medical emergency, landing at around 5:40 p.m. local time Sunday. The unruly passenger was declared deceased after landing. 

A doctor on board attempted to treat the man after he fell unconscious, but he could not be saved.

An autopsy on Monday will determine how the man died.

But it gets better and weirder.

The flight was evacuated by authorities at a Cork airport, where a 44-year-old Portuguese woman was then arrested on drug charges, the BBC wrote.

It’s not clear if the woman and man were traveling together.

Even more eerily,  a second man from the flight would also be taken to the hospital. The remaining passengers were transported to Dublin via bus.

Officials are completing an autopsy to determine whether the man had ingested any drugs or other substances that may have led to him becoming violent or contributed to his death in any way. You suppose?

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