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Vanessa Hudgens blames understudy for ruining Broadway show

Gigi Kennedy Center - Eisenhower Theatre Cast List: Vanessa Hudgens Howard McGillin Corey Cott Steffanie Leigh Production Credits: Directed by Eric Schaeffer Other Credits: Lyrics by: Alan Jay Lerner Music by: Frederick Loewe Book by Alan Jay Lerner

Vanessa Hudgens Gigi

It seems actress about town Vanessa Hudgens has barely been able to recover after a bixch understudy ruined her Sunday night closing performance of her Broadway show, Gigi. A show which mind you lasted a mere 2 months. But blame the understudy we will …

(NSFW) Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos via 4Chan. Yet to confirm

Things would get unhinged when during Thursday night’s performance an understudy accidentally broke a prop glass which left the actress and her co star, Corey Cott in a stupor that they were barely able to come back from.

Reports pagesix: “Me and [co-star] Corey Cott just completely blanked because she threw us off, and we’re staring at each other,” Hudgens was heard saying at a farewell party for the musical at the Absolut Elyx House.

“It was the most terrified I think I’ve ever been,” she added, “just looking into my co-star’s eyes and seeing that he [and I] have no idea what’s supposed to happen next. And he goes, ‘So, Gigi, what do you want?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know!’

In the end, “We played it off in a way that made the audience laugh,” Hudgens told our spy. “It was terrifying and awkward ... Live theater is the best.”

Because a professional actress will always throw the understudy under the bus and help us understand that minor inconveniences or distractions are quite likely to throw time true and tested actresses of their game. Indeed….

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    She is not the best actress but man she is a looker.