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Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl. Why won’t the victim rat out her attackers?

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl
Why is a 15 year old victim refusing to name her attackers?

A sickening brawl at Brooklyn’s Flatbush McDonalds branch amongst teens has been caught on tape and the victim, an Erasmus High school student has declined to name her attackers.

In the cringeworthy video, dozens of kids and at least two adults can be seen as they watch on without any attempt to break up the beating as a group of girls mercilessly set upon each other.

Cops would offer nobody inside the McDonald’s branch bothered to call 911 at the time of Monday afternoon’s brawl.

That said, just two days after the attack, community leaders are now calling for the 15 year old victim to come forward and press charges.

Told activist Tony Herbert via the nydailynews: ‘We are asking that young lady to not be afraid,’

‘Come forward. We will stand with her. We will go to the police. We need her and her family to step forward and press charges.’

Nevertheless both the teen and the girl’s mother still refuse to cooperate with cops, possibly out of fear of retribution or because of an unspoken rule one does not involve authorities.

Investigators, stumped, believe the brawl may have been the culmination of an ongoing feud, that said they were at a loss as to what may have sparked the massive out of hand public brawl.

Offered a police source: ‘(The victim) was there to fight,’

‘It looks like they went there to straighten out their differences and she wound up getting the worst of it.’

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl

The video shows the victim throwing the first punch, but, within seconds, her 17-year-old rival and three other teens swarm her and launch a volley of punches at her head.

Told 15 year old witness, Tiana Smith: ‘At first she was fighting just one girl,’

‘Then like about 8 to 10 others joined. It looked like 100. I felt bad for her. No one was helping her. It was messed up. Not even the adults (helped her).’

Adding: ‘I wanted to help her, but I knew I would get jumped too.’

Despite being outnumbered, the teen refuses to let go of her rival — and even pulls the brawler’s black hoodie off to reveal a purple bra.

By the end of the three-minute video, the teen is pummeled to submission and left cowering under a table.

‘Yo, she’s dead,’ one onlooker jokes. ‘It’s a murder.’

The teen’s attacker continues to then kick her victim in the head whilst bystanders do little, before eventually storming off.

It’s not until the very end of the video when a few students take the beaten teen and lie her down on a bench.

Cops patrolling Flatbush Ave. were flagged down by a witness and sent over to the McDonald’s, but by then the fight was over.

Battered and bruised, the teen refused to talk with the police. Cops had to go to nearby Erasmus High School and get a dean, who convinced her to seek medical attention.

As of Wednesday night the battered teen remains at Kings County Hospital where doctors are treating her for her wounds.

In the aftermath of the attack, there have been calls for McDonald’s to accept some responsibility for the attack.

Reiterated activist, Herbert: ‘The NYPD is not their private security force,’

‘They have to provide security knowing they get an abundance of these young minds. Keep in mind, a bunch of children in the room, it will be chaotic.’

Workers at McDonald’s have since disputed police accounts, claiming they called 911 twice within six minutes during the attack.

Offered McDonald franchisee Paul Goodman: ‘The safety of my employees and customers is my top priority,’

‘In keeping with my restaurant policy, my employees contacted the police at the onset of this situation.’

Anyone with information about the McDonald’s fight is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl

Brooklyn McDonald’s brawl