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5 awesome ways to treat new moms.

5 awesome ways to treat new moms.
How to encourage new mothers as they settle in after giving birth…

New moms need pampering and treasuring. Giving birth can shatter your confidence, and you will feel tired for many weeks after the event. This is definitely the time for family and friends to chip in and help.

  1. A basket full of goodies will show the new mom that you care

New moms often feel insecure about their situation. A present is a great way for treating a new mother and offers them reassurance and love. If you look at the range of presents on offer from Glitter Gift Baskets you should be able to find a gift that will welcome the new arrival and surprise its mother.

  1. Cook some meals and place them in her freezer

A new mom will be dealing with the complexities of feeding her baby, and she probably won’t have much time to deal with running the house and cooking meals. Many dads do help out, but if you really want to help a new mom, then cook some of her favourite meals and place them in the freezer. This will give the parents more time to spend showering affection on their newborn. If you’re feeling really generous, you could arrange for a cleaner to come in a couple of times a week until the new mom has adjusted to her situation.

  1. Don’t patronise the new mom

Some mothers may feel that their brains have turned to mush and they’ve entered a new world as a result of having a child. Tell the new mom about the study published in Parents Canada that reveals that a new mom’s brain is ‘not shrinking but growing new neurons and becoming smarter in a different way.’ This is cheery news for all new mothers who may feel that they are looked down on by childless mothers. Katherine Ellison, the study’s author, also says, ‘rather than eroding intelligence, motherhood puts us through challenging experiences that stimulate the brain to create new cells.’

  1. Go shopping and take some time out

Even if a new mom is breast-feeding, that’s no reason for them to feel that they have to sit at home every day singing lullabies to their infant. In fact, if you offer to take a new mom out on a shopping trip, you’ll be able to raise their spirits, show the newborn the world and even choose some treats for everyone.

  1. Encourage the new mom to take up photography

Everyone loves taking photographs of new babies. They look cute, after all – except if they’re bawling their heads off – and the advent of new phone apps on smartphones mean that the new mom can produce studio standard pictures. The magazine Canadian Family suggests a whole range of apps that you can download and then upload to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

This is probably the best way of showing off the new addition to far flung friends and family and it’s far cheaper than using a professional photographer. Just remember to compliment the mom about her new found skill.

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