Home Scandal and Gossip 920 chickens bashed to death with golf club at Fosters Farms Plant.

920 chickens bashed to death with golf club at Fosters Farms Plant.

920 chickens bashed to death with golf club
What compelled draconian violence against nearly 1000 chickens at one Californian poultry farm?

An assailant has broken into a poultry plant near Fresno, Calif. on Sept. 19 and allegedly bashed to death with a golf club 920 chickens to death according to police.

Via KMPH 26:

“In law enforcement we see bad things all the time, but this is beyond comprehension, that people could take so much time to do this,” Deputy Chris Curtice of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department told Fox station KMPH. “This is sick. Whoever did this is a sick individual. This is psychopathic behavior.”

The unidentified suspect is said to have carried out their deed at Fosters Farm Plant which holds an estimated 21,000 chickens. Police would tell many other countless chickens were mercilessly struck as well, with some barely surviving.

Told one Foster Farms employee Antonio Puentes via KPIX: ‘It’s crazy that someone would break into the chicken shed to kill them.’

Foster Farms has since released a statement regarding the animal violence, saying: “The perpetrator committed an unconscionable act of animal cruelty… It is the express policy of Foster Farms to treat its birds humanely and with compassion.” The farm has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the chicken killer.

Reiterated Deputy Chris Curtice:You can’t do that much damage to animals and not have blood on your clothing. We want to find out who they are and get them off the street.’

Investigators said they found a piece of a golf club, and they believe another weapon was used as well, along with more than one suspect.

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