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Sammie Bruhwiler, animal lover strangles her dog after trying to get rid of fleas.

Sammie Bruhwiler
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Sammie Bruhwiler, a self confessed animal lover is facing a charge of animal cruelty after authorities came to discover the Oklahoma City woman covered in blood whilst holding her dead shih tzu crying hysterically after trying to cut its fur purportedly to get rid of puss and fleas.

Perhaps not coincidentally the 23 year old woman was said to be drunk at the time of her arrest.

Arresting officers would tell that they came to find knives covered in blood inside the home, believing that Sammie Bruhwiler had come to suffocate or strangle her dog. Authorities would note that the woman was covered in the dog’s blood, from her face, arms to her clothes.

Investigators say Bruhwiler told them the dog was in the backyard and started coming toward her, but they say her story did not add up because there was no blood in the backyard.

Animal welfare workers were called to the home confirming that the dog had indeed been suffocated or strangled.

Told neighbor Willis Moses via  KFOR‘She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together, and she loved that dog, seemed like it to me.’

Officers tell at the time of her arrest Sammie Bruhwiler told them her dog had pus and fleas and her mother had told her to cut the dogs hair shorter and shave it off.

Sammie Bruhwiler’s friends refused to appear on camera, but they claimed she was an animal lover.