Home Scandal and Gossip Here’s a video of Andre Robinson viciously kicking a cat.

Here’s a video of Andre Robinson viciously kicking a cat.

Andre Robinson
The folly of one young man getting his kicks…

Andre Robinson is the scumbag miscreant who preys on defenseless cats.

Kids I’m not sure what to think or say. I’m going to let the video below do the talking for me. I can think of a few words though: aghast, shocked, demented, cruel and why oh why ?

The below video of Andre Robinson kicking a cat turned up on Facebook this afternoon.

The incident is said to have happened in a Bedford Stuyvesant courtyard of the Brevoort Houses on Ralph Avenue on May 2nd told cops.

nydailynewsAccording to the arrest report, the cat flew an estimated 10 feet in the air for a distance of approximately 20 feet — and a veterinarian confirmed to cops the brutal blow likely caused serious physical injury.

As the animal flew head over tail, Robinson bounced gleefully from foot to foot in a sick parody of a field goal victory dance.

Making the scene even more sick and sadistic is the fact cheers and whoops can be heard behind Robinson from a group of his friends.

Andre Robinson’s arrest this afternoon came with eight prior arrests, including one for knifepoint robbery in 2011.

He  would admit to cops he was the man in the video. No details on the cat or its condition were available.

It is not known whether the May 3rd Facebook posting led to someone recognizing Robinson, but I’d like to think social media may have done some huge good today, by making sure idiots like the one below are brought to account.

Andre Robinson


Andre Robinson

Andre Robinson

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