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Ruan Tang, Chinese pensioner has spent 8 hours a day, seven days a week for 14 years swatting flies.

Ruan Tang
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Ruan Tang, a retired Chinese pensioner recently went on local tv to boast about her ‘compelling hobby.’ Swatting flies.

To date the woman claims she has spent  8 hours a day, seven days a week for 14 years squatting flies. She estimates that on any given day she kills up to a 1000 flies.

So intent is Ruan Tang of the Changmingsixiang Community in eastern China’s Hangzhou City, that she’s been known to sit by a litter bin for two hours making sure she’s gotten at all the flies inside.

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Asked why she picked up the hobby, Ruan Tang tells she wanted to feel useful after retiring. A feat that has since earned her unabashed praise courtesy of Chinese media.

Told the woman: ‘I had retired and was looking around for something to do to help the community and prove useful, and I noticed how much flies were troubling people in the summer.’

‘I decided that killing flies was the best way for me to be useful – and I’ve been doing it now every day since.’

In a story written about the woman, a Chinese local paper said  flies are an ‘enemy of the people, noisy, disease spreading and revolting.’

It also adds that they are hard to kill and breed very fast.

Ruan Tang

Added the local paper: ‘She manages to kill them in an environmentally friendly way, who knows how many flies there would be in the area if she was not in action.’

She told a local television: ‘I feel it is a great honor to help neighbors to wipe out disgusting flies. It is also great to have a meaningful role me to do so in my age, and it helps me to keep fit.’

At present it is not exactly understood what the psychological motivation to relentlessly squat the flies comes from, nonetheless locals are pleased she has kept up her pursuit, including neighbor Jian Hsiao, 58 who had this to say:

‘She is really a fly killing specialist, she is our heroine,’

‘Just imagine how many of these pesty insects would be there if she had not been wiping so many out every day.’ 

What will you tend to when you retire?

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