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Sunnie Kahle, 8 year old tomboy kicked out of school for her short hair.

Sunnie Kahle
Sunnie Kahle is confusing some Christians because of her reluctance to adhere to stereotypes….

Sunnie Kahle, an 8 year old student Lynchburg, Virginia girl has been told she is not welcome back at school next year on account of her tomboy appearance.

The child’s family were told of Timberlake Christian School‘s decision after the school sent them a letter explaining how they were left with no choice given their daughter’s failure to adhere to the school’s ‘biblical standards.’

Sunnie Kahle religious school: Of course she’s not a lesbian or transgender but… 

The letter via school administrator, Becky Bowman, told how ‘students have been confused about whether Sunnie is a boy or girl and specifies that administrators can refuse enrollment for condoning sexual immorality, practicing a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity.’

‘We believe that unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that God has made her female and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity, that TCS is not the best place for her future education.’

Which is to suggest God has a firm understanding of how boys and girls look like and Timberlake Christian School being the good avartars of Christian doctrine only seek to affirm god’s will.

Since being apprised of the school’s decision not to invite Sunnie Kahle back to the classes, the child’s grandparents, Doris and Carroll Thompson (who adopted her) told they have no interest in sending her back there.

Sunnie now attends public school.

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  • JoeyB

    I’m continually amazed at how few so-called Christians practice one simple basic principle: What Would Jesus Do?

  • H I

    What are these “so called parents” teaching their kids, that’s its ok to exclude those that are different, discriminate. Did Christ exclude Mary Magdalene, no he did not. This tomboy should be sought out and brought back into the flock and accepted with all her differences and judge not by her looks, but by the content of their character. I hope the school and parents are not judge as they have judged others, when their time comes.

  • EyemNotFree

    Lynchburg conservatives.

  • JohnRR, my guess is that nobody is perfect…not any of us…not even the person who replied to you in such a tactless and unkind manner.

  • Dana W

    She might grow up with tolerance, understanding and compassion, Anything but that! How will she know who to hate? The Horror!

  • No doubt that there are serious issues all the way around here. Ultimately, it is this 8-year-old little girl who picks up the tab for all of it. We know that the media and little narrow-minded schools like TCS have a field day with this type of controversy; yet, it remains that the child pays the ultimate price. If she is adjusting well in public school (good luck with that, Sunnie!), then she and her family can move on with their lives somehow. She does need to know that adoptees everywhere, along with lots and lots of birth children, do indeed have her back. Go, Sunnie, go!

  • Ed

    Baptist faith-based school doesn’t want someone there who doesn’t look like a girl. This is news? It’s a private school, it’s their right. For goodness sake, get Sunnie out of that school ASAP before she grows up thinking there’s something wrong with her. Hopefully she’ll grow up wiser realizing how nutty some of those religious nuts can be.

  • Abuse! Abuse! “abuse” is what is going to happen to this girl when she goes to a school that says that any crap that is imagined by liberals regarding sexuality or gender is OK.
    It’s not just the haircut obviously – there are many profound psychological issues at play here. Tabloid papers knew this was a case they could spin in a sensationalist way, and they did.

  • From a man like yourself whose mind is all about being sick in regard to women (and men), that’s rich!


    It is so disgusting! Can you imagine the Savior, Jesus Christ, doing this to a child! These people are so offensive and if their religious beliefs allow them to do such a degrading thing to any child, then you have to wonder about those beliefs! I feel so sad! As a gay person, I read this story and my heart fills with sadness! I grew up Mormon. They have strong beliefs, but I could never imagine them doing something so evil! If I were the parents, I don’t know how I would react, but I would never go back to that religion again! These degrading beliefs and actions certainly do not come from God and only a sick mind would say that what happened to this little girl is acceptable. If that is Christianity, they can have it. You know what, it isn’t! Christ taught love! Without love for others, their worship is nothing! How warped can it get?

  • As a child, I was also adopted in Virginia.I take particular offense at anyone who abuses a child, especially an adopted child. What TCS did to Sunnie is abuse! How dare they? I am about to jump out of my skin on this one. This precious 8-year-old was shunned and banned from her ‘christian school’ for her haircut and her manner of dress. While the school may not be better than that, Sunnie surely is! The school cannot be much about education and it surely is not representative of the Christ who died for my sins and theirs.