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Oh really? Teen stabs mother then cuts off penis after taking meow meow.


Teen stabs mother then cuts off penis

Meow meow might not be the party drug for you after all…

A 19 year old teenager stabbed his mother before cutting off his penis after having taken the good party drug, mephedrone, otherwise known as meow meow.

Charles Mann high on miaow miaow stabbed mother before cutting off penis

The teen went on to be discovered hanging out of a bedroom window, blood gushing from his groin after his mother called emergency services (you think?) to the house in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Both the teen and his 46-year-old mother, neither of whom have been named, were rushed to hospital by ambulance with injuries described as life threatening after the attack on December 29.

Surgeons at University College London hospital are believed to have re-attached the teenager’s penis, and his condition was also described as stable.

He is believed to have taken mephedrone, a former so-called legal high also known as M-Cat which was outlawed in 2010, before the attack.

A family friend told that the usually bright teenager had started experimenting with drugs, and had returned to his family home for his Christmas break from university.

Told a source: ‘He had come home from university for Christmas. ‘It looks like he took mephedrone and completely flipped out attacking his mum and then himself.’

‘When the police arrived they found him hanging from a window and then discovered he had cut off his penis.’

Sussex Police have been investigating an allegation of assault on the mother, and have said that officers are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

No word yet on whether the boy has managed to make sure his teen is in working order among other things. Meowch!

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