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Fun Additions to Your Swimming Pool that Your Kids Will Love


Additions to Your Swimming Pool

Sponsored Post: Kids enjoy spending time in the pool without additions and activities. When you add fun pool games, accessories and other items for them to be occupied, it makes pool time even more entertaining.

Whether it is making up games or contests of your own or using pre-fabricated items, there are dozens of options to add fun activities to pool time.


Squirt guns, such as Super Soakers are great for pool time. These water guns can be filled up right in the pool and squirted at other swimmers or those watching from the sidelines. Another fun pool toy is the noodle. Many of these have holes in the middle to shoot water across the pool. It is also fun for a whack-a-swimmer game where others are lightly tapped on the head and have to go underwater quickly to avoid getting tapped.


Diving games are a lot of fun for swimmers. There are a variety of different options including sinking colored eggs, sinking rings and numbered objects to dive for. The fastest diver or the one to collect the most wins. There are surface games for the pool as well. This includes basketball, volleyball, Marco Polo, Handball and tossing a football. Rules can be made up by those in the pool to make it fair for all swimmers. Choose teams that are equal as well. This will make the game equally challenging for all involved.

 Additions to Your Swimming Pool


Lighting that is colored, has strobe effects or other effects makes pool time at night safe and exciting. Kids are attracted to colors and things that flash. Consider getting them glow bracelets and glow sticks to use under water in combination with the lighting to make up their own games.

Consider rope lights that are waterproof to adorn the edge of a pool with. These can often be set to chaser or strobe mode for even more fun. In addition to these lights, have several shapes of glow stick items available to toss in and float around. Catching the glow flowers, butterflies or other creatures is a safe night pool swimming game to play.

Slides and Spring Boards

Slides and spring boards bring out the athlete and gymnast in all swimmers. Kids of all ages, and adults as well, can easily learn how to perfect a somersault off of a spring board as well as a variety of other tricks. Slides are great fun for kids’ parties as they slide down to plunge in to cool off. Many slides are able to be dismantled after a party to be kept in storage until the next gathering.

 Additions to Your Swimming Pool

Water Features

Water features such as fountains, waterfalls and spouts are also great fun. Not only to these items beautify the space in general, but they also act as a wonderful creativity tool for children. They can easily make up stories about pirates and sea battles, or another fun and exciting adventure of their own.

It is important that parents play along and partake in their story telling. It makes the adventure more fun, exciting and daring for the swimmers. Be sure to act just as excited as they are when the story of their adventure really gets going.

Fun Floats

Floats can be used at any time of the day or night. They are ideal for lounging or letting a young one that may be a little under the water just relax without getting soaked. There are dozens and dozens of pool floats in many different colors, designs and shapes. Let the kids pick out their own and have float races from one end to the other. Let them bring their friends and use some of the extras.

 Additions to Your Swimming Pool

With the wide variety of additions available for swimming pools, fun for kids and adults can be had. Of course it is a good idea to have items that are just for the kids but options for adults during adult parties is also a good idea. Volleyball and basketball water games are likely to be the favorites among adults.

Make a family evening at the pool even more fun by bringing some music outdoors for kids to sing along and occupy themselves with supervision.


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