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Why did Taheri Sunnuz jump to her death from a luxury Manhattan apartment?


Taheri Sunnuz

Taheri Sunnuz, a 33 year old woman has jumped to her death after leaping out of a 24th floor luxury Manhattan apartment.

The incident said to happen yesterday involved Taheri Sunnuz smashing a bedroom window out of an Upper East side dwelling on 92nd and third and throwing herself out.

Incongruously the woman came to jump to her death after having come to visit a couple who lived in the building.

Witnesses said they heard glass shattering before Sunnuz jumped from the window and landed on the roof of a nearby three-story New York Sports Club building.

It is believed she used a chair to break the window.

Authorities have so far told the woman was described as ‘irrational and irate,’ prior to leaping out of the building.

Before taking her own life, the woman’s parents were said to have been called to come and pick Sunnuz up.

It is understood the parents were visiting from out of town and only came to find out about their daughter’s death after discovering detectives going through the woman’s personal property.

Sunnuz is reported to have lived nearby on East 103rd street.

Sources tell the relatives were in town to bring Taheri Sunnuz to the hospital but they did not give a reason for the hospital visit.


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  • Alain

    Alex how do you know she took SSRI’s?

  • Alex

    I wounder if anyone has looked into SSRI’s and the link with her tragic death.

  • 1bestdog

    I take it English is not your native tongue. Horribly written, basically the Daily News brief piece, almost word for word but rearranged with poor syntex.

    By the misleading headline thought this article might actually shed some light on this tragic yet intriguing incident.

    Something tells me there’s a story there but nobody is writing it.