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Woman’s body on Ohio highway run over several times.


 Interstate 71

A woman’s body on a busy Ohio highway has gone on to be run over several times after it landed on Interstate 71.

Investigating authorities have yet to publicly identify the woman’s name, or how her body came to lie on the highway, which was originally reported circa 5 am yesterday.

Police went on to say they were notified of the woman’s body after several drivers had gone on to inadvertently hit the woman’s body

Told one caller to police: “We’re on 71. Somebody got hit by a car and all these cars are running over them,”I braced myself, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to lose control of the car. I didn’t know how big the object in the road was, but I knew I was going over it. I didn’t know if I was going to crash into it, or spin out, or lose control. But when I went over it, it was a very loud thud,”

“It was a really sickening feeling, knowing that I just ran over someone who was out there. Like, why were they there? It was a really scary thought.”

Called in another driver: “Oh Lord have mercy! Oh Lord! They’re just running, running it over,”

Went on to tell Jennifer Illes to 10tv: “

Sgt. Brooke Wilson of the Columbus police accident investigation squad, said police are still trying to determine why she was on the highway.

The Franklin County coroner’s office has not yet performed an autopsy, Wilson went on to say.

The unpleasant things that sometimes get in the way of just simply getting on with the day and avoiding one’s own mortality…