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How one Qantas flight became a poop disaster. Toilets jammed as passengers became sick.


Qantas flight Santiago, Chile

Passengers on board a Qantas flight out of Santiago, Chile bound for Sydney, Australia had the unfortunate recent experience of spending most of it in the lavatories after many of them contracting a stomach virus en route.

According to the sydney morning herald up to 26 passengers contracted the virus which led to them continuously pooping, vomiting for the flight’s 13 hour (yes yummy) duration.

Officials went on to tell that sixteen of the passengers had to be taken to the hospital, and three of them were so sick they needed to be transported on a stretcher.

The virus is said to have originated prior to passengers boarding the flight and was localized to traveling Aussie students and accompanying teachers. It is believed the virus incubated in the student’s bodies up to 48 hours prior to the flight.

Unfortunately for the students and teachers, the accommodating Qantas plane, a Boeing 747-400 only had ten toilets. So much for musical chairs…

Smh goes on to tell that the sick group was assessed by paramedics and escorted out of the airport “with minimal exposure to other passengers.”

Reflected one fellow passenger, Lisa McCormick: “unfortunately were rather sick for the whole entire flight. What a terrible way to end their holiday”.

Qantas has interestingly since gone on to advertise discounted flights to Santiago. Can anyone guess why?

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