Home Fashion Alex Minsky, US Marine who nearly lost his life becomes underwear model.

Alex Minsky, US Marine who nearly lost his life becomes underwear model.

Alex Minsky
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In the most quixotic turn around, a 24 year old former US marine, Alex Minsky who nearly lost his life in a near fatal accident in Afghanistan is these days now finding himself fast becoming a much hired underwear model as well as photographer’s muse.

Alex Minsky’s journey into the fashion world began after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan literally ripped his life apart three years ago. At the time the truck he was riding rode over a roadside bomb which led to the Purple Heart medal holder losing his right leg, burns scares across his body and 47 days in a coma.

Fortunately the young man was able to survive but then began the arduous journey of having to come to terms with what had happened to him, having to re learn everything from how to walk, read and even talk. Eventually though his mind was able to reconnect most of the missing synapses.

Nevertheless the young man found himself experiencing deep pangs of depression and eventually turning to alcoholism. It wasn’t after continual trouble with the law, after a third d.u.i that Alex Minsky was forced to reckon with himself and make a pledge to stay sober.

It was shortly thereafter when the former marine was then approached by photographer Tom Cullis whilst he was working out at gym at Newport beach, California where Alex Minsky now resides that his life changed.

The young man agreed to a test shoot and it wasn’t too long before Minsky began booking gigs.

Told Minsky to the Huffington Post:Photographer Tom Cullis found me in the gym in Newport beach, where I live right now. He tried me out – we did a test shoot – and his photographs got the ball rolling.

‘From there I got to work with Michael Stokes and others. I’m actually trying out acting now and all that crazy stuff.’

These days the young model leads an extremely healthy lifestyle, hitting the gym twice a day – and has gone on to tell that he has been sober for nine months.

He says his modeling career is helping him stay that way.

‘I can’t drink because I needed to find my abs more!’ he says. ‘So I can’t drink cause of all those carbs in alcohol!

Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky