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Thai Beauty Queen disqualified after video of her showing a 5 year old boy to snort Special K. Faces jail…

 Kwanjai Khempradub
Kwanjai Khempradub is also a preferred hawt bixch. Image via gawker

Making the media rounds is the story of one Thai Beauty Queen who found herself being disqualified after a video of her showed up in which she teaches a 5 year old boy how to snort the good shit, Special K.

The revelation came about after Kwanjai Khempradub made it in the top 20 of a Miss Maxim Thailand contest, nevertheless the Thai Beauty Queen took to Facebook to deny that the powder being inhaled by the boy was Special K, or as it is known locally, K or Ya K.

Khempradub went on to argue that the powder in question was baby powder (since deemed nonsensical by netizens) and that she had meant nothing when she took to showing the boy how to inhale the substance.

Nevertheless the Thai Beauty queen has since found herself in trouble with police as posting a video showing one how to consume drugs is illegal viz a viz Thailand’s computer crime act.

Police have since  asked Kwanjai to come forward and submit herself to a criminal investigation.

“If she doesn’t come on her own, we will issue a summons. If she does not respond, she will face an arrest warrant,” said Technology Crime Suppression Division chief Maj-General Pisit Pao-in.

Gawker go on to add that if convicted of a drug crime, Kwanjai could spend up to five years behind bars.

A police spokesman added that sharing the video online is itself a jailable offense.

It is understood after the child inhaled the good shit Khempradub told him he was a ‘good boy.’

Because every 5 year old needs to learn how to do the good shit…

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