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Couple insist that their daughter wanted to ride in a dog cage.


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The parents of a ten year old girl face child endangerment charges after their child was spotted riding in a dog cage in the back of a pick up truck this past Monday evening along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The child’s parents have since gone on to insist that they were only doing what their daughter wanted.

Told the child’s mother, Abbey Carlson: “She wanted to be with her dog. She plays with him in [the cage] all the time. They were strapped in. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. We weren’t going fast. We weren’t.”

Because of course Abbey Carlson is convinced she can control everything that goes on whilst driving along a busy freeway even if trusts her own childish impulse to let child and dog to have a snuggle whilst lightning and fury casually stroll by.

Added the child’s stepfather, Thomas Fishinger: “I don’t want the dog to suffer. That’s like animal cruelty to me, you know, the dog crying like that.”

Perhaps what makes the incident that more beguiling is the fact that Fishinger had just been charged with 15 felony counts of identity theft and access device fraud and had been out on bail when the cops pulled him over.

The child’s parents Both are said to be due in Pittsburgh’s District Court June 6th for their preliminary hearing.

If only you could find the temerity to let your children ride in a dog cage too….

Abbey Carlson and Thomas Fishinger
Abbey Carlson and Thomas Fishinger are also preferred hawt bixches.
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